Saturday, July 9, 2011


If everyone could PLEASE PRAY!!! My sister's foster son Joe has been in the hospital since June 29th...what started as a minor condition has turned into a HUGE, serious ordeal. I know this is going to sound kind of TMI, but he went into the hospital for constipation and it should have only been like 4-5 day stay tops....they put a catheter in him the WRONG way and totally messed him up...the weird part is that they shouldn't have even put one in him at all in the first place because he is in diapers!!! This is MJ's older brother...he is 18 but severely mentally handicapped. (Him and MJ have a disease called PKU, which basically means that they are allergic to protien and must stay on a VERY strict, specialized diet and if they don't stay on the diet they will become brain damaged whick is what happened to Joe. Their birth parent's did not follow the diet that is why they are both in foster care.) He has been in and out of ICU, he developed blood clots, and his heart rate is not right and he is not really sister is really scared!!! If everyone could PLEASE PRAY we would greatly appreciate it!!!