Tuesday, August 9, 2011

African food...

I was thinkin about Jestina the other day!!! I haven't seen her in about a year now but MAN...We had some GOOOOOD laughs together!!! Here she is teachin me how to make African food...


I remember the first time she taught me how to make it!!! She was askin me to teach her how to make some American food and I said SURE!!! And I was like and then you can teach me how to make some African food!!! And she was like ok sure...How about FRIED CHICKEN!!! And I was like laughin I'm like thats not AFRICAN food Jestina!!! Thats like African American!!!

And she was like "No Mary, fried chicken is NOT African American food. I learned how to fry chicken IN AFRICA! I was like what for REALZ??? WOW!! I thought it was reallly cool that its actually an African traditional food that was incorporated over here after all this time!!!

And let me tell you something...you ain't had GOOOOOD fried chicken until you have had Jestina's!!!
NO ONE can make fried chicken like THIS GIRL!!! She can put in just the right seasonings right into the flour and OMW... MMMM!!!I mean I don't usually put other people's cookin over mine...BUT when it comes to Jestina's FRIED CHICKEN...I do...Its BOMB!!!!

She gave me some advice while she was teachin me too!!! "AND Mary, If your gonna make fried chicken for black people, you BETTER make A LOT...or else they gonna be YELLIN at you!!!"