Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Holy, NOT homely!!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO we have this thing at our church called the ladies BLESSING BOUTIQUE!!! Its where we go through our own clothes and then donate some and we can either trade them out or we use it to help someone that really needs some new clothes.

WELLLL its only a closet at our church and it was starting to get really, really, REALLLLLY filled up! Sooooo last summer, me and some of the other girls at church were going through the clothes tryin to make more room and and I was like we have SOOOO many clothes in here why don't we put some of the ones that we don't really think people are going to use in the church yard sale!

I'm like cuz this is a BLESSIN BOUTIQUE not a REJECT PILE!!! LOL! Sooooo everyone is laughin and i'm like cuz I mean some of this stuff in here is like SERIOUSLEY SOOOOOOO UGLY!!! I'm like I mean COME ON, the Bible calls us to be HOLY, NOT HOMELY!!!!

Soooooo ALL THE GIRLS just BUST UP LAUGHIN again!!! SOOO then I pull out like what I CONSIDER to be the UGLIEST SKIRT EVERRRR!!! I don't look at the tags to see what brand it is or ANYTHING...I just look at it and I'm like take this skirt for example...Why would anyone EVEN donate this skirt???

it is sooooo OLD LADYISH...

how in the world...
 is this supposed to be a BLESSING...
 to ANYONE???

Then I hear a little voice clearin and Denae speaks up, UMMMMM Mary... that was MY SKIRT!!! I'm like Oooooooooh OOOOPS!!!! She is like AND I got it as a hand me down from Cassia!!!! I'm like OOOOOOOO welllll i'm sure it looked ALOT cuter on you guys then on the hanger...UH WELLLLLL I guess we have different tastes!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

AND then WE ALL JUST BUST UP LAUGHIN AGAIN!!! I'm like okaaaaay I'm glad my friends aren't easily offended!!!!!! THATS A REAL BLESSIN!!!
REMEMBER ladies...its HOLY not HOMELY!!! ;)))