Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My feelings towards MATH...

Soooo we were havin a church yard sale this past weekend and I was lookin through the books while waiting for customers and I saw a College Algebra text book!!! I said to my sis, Ooooo COLLEGE ALGEBRA!!! She was like bein a smart aleck and is all, OH do feel like a FAILURE seein that book??? I was like NOOOOOO!!!!! She is like OH cuz you FINALLY passed??? I was like are you kiddin me...NOOOOOOOOOOO....cuz I NEVER even made it close to taking THAT CLASS!!!

She was like, well, what that math class you took like FIVE times before you passed??? I was like UH...Mat 090, Which I think is like basically pre-algebra!!! It took me FIVE times to pass that class...BUT I did it!!! (Of course it may have gone a little quicker had I NOT been so busy writing LOVE poems!!! AnywayZ I found a few funny things to show my feelings towards...MATH!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! There are soooooo MANY math teachers I WOULD LOVE to show this lil joke to!!! My college math teacher, Mrs. Weintraub was like the BEST math teacher everrrr...AND she is pretty much the ONLY teacher that managed to make math some what fun...Either that or I really just looked forward to seein all her cRaZy babelicious outfits cuz she never wore the same outfit twice and trust me I WOULD know... cuz I was strangely in her class three semesters in a row...Anywayz she would talk about how much FUN math was and by the end of the semester she had managed to brainwash some of the other students into believin this to...LOL!!! SO this one time some of the students were like...OH math is FUN!!! ANd Mrs. Weintraub was like, SEE you guys I told you math could be fun!!!! And so I was all like, Oh yeah, for a moment here I forgot I was even in class...TOTALLLY thought we were all at Disneyland!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! She was like OH MARY!!!!!!

Thats RIGHT...STOP being a STALKER Algebra!!!
FOR REALZ...I'm sick of having to do it FOR YOU!!!

Yup...THERE IT IS!!!!

Weeeeellll....ITS TRUE...;)...LOL...this sums it up about math!!!! Sometimes I really wonder how God could make me soooooooooo DUMB in math but pretty much BRILLIANT in everything else??? LOL I guess it was another way of helpin me to be humble!!!! ;) HAHAHAHAHA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)