Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Praise report!!!


OMW!!! You all do NOT even know HOW amaZingly happy this makes me feel!!! As a self-portrait-photographer, I feel LOST with out my AWESOME lil motorola Kodak camera phone!!!

Some people are into iPhones, Androids (Appleberries for the AIO fans;) and Blackberry's... I'm just into MYSELF!!! LOL!!! ;) Actually, all these fancy, shmancey phones do NOT even take that great of pics  of ME, soooo i'm like okaaaay WHATs the point of havin one even??? Plus I HATE touch screens!!! My fingers ALWAYS touch more than one button at a time!!!!

Sooooo anywayZ, after my FLORIDA TRIP,  in July my phone went KAPOOT!!! I'm not sure if it was from tryin to take pics of myself in the ocean or from takin pics of myself in the rain, BUT it REFUSED to turn on!!! Well this just broke my sweet lil O heart!!! I LOVED THAT CAMERA PHONE!!!!!! :,(

Soooooo I was back to usin my ghetto lil O NOKIA!!! UGH!!!!! Well it wasn't really THAT big of a deal until I realized that I would NOT have a camera for YOUTH ALIVE!!! I was like OMW!!! This is sooooooo NOT GOOOOOOD!!! Well, Kim had agreed to let me use her camera, BUT I was kinda nervous, cuz I don't have the best track record with electronics!!!

WELLLL the other day I decided to JUST try something that my pastor had told me to do a while ago when I had dropped ANOTHER one of my phones in the pool, while tryin to take a pic of myself!!! Your probabley wondering WHAT my pastor had told me to do to my phone???

Are you thinkin PRAYER??? LOL If you are good guess but NOPE!!! HAHA!!! What my pastor told me to do sounds really weird and made EVERYONE in my household think I had lost my mind...which is pretty accurate...HAHA...

What I did was stick my phone in a BAG OF RICE!!! Sounds cRaZy RIGHT??? Kim said that I had OFFICIALLLLLY LOST IT!!! I'm like, this is what MY PASTOR said to do!!!

Wellll to be honest I REALLLLLY DID NOT think it was going to work cuz it TOTALLLLY didn't the last time I tried it!!! BUT today, I was like well...I better get that phone out and see if it works!!! AND GUESS WHAT??? IT DID!!!

HOW cRaZy AWESOME is that?!?!?! So I guess the concept behind this is that the rice absorbs the water out of the phone...anyWAYZ I don't really care about WHY OR HOW it works!!! I'm just really glad that it did!!!!!!

Sooooo i am REALLLLLY HAPPPY about this!!! and you know what this REALLLLY MEANS?!?! It MEANS that IF any of YOU all want a pic with me at YOUTH ALIVE, just let me know...CUZ I HAV AN AWESOME lil camera that WORKS!!!!!

P.S. Do you all think I should throw out the bag of rice that I stuck my phone in??? or should I save it for the next church potluck??? Bahahaha!!! (what you don't know won't hurt you!!! Bwahahahaha!!!;)

♥Mary Frances :)