Thursday, September 29, 2011


You ALL are soooooooooooo NOT even going to believe this!!! So Adventures in Odyssey now has a Twitter account and I was like OMW sweeeeeeet and I INSTANTLY became a Twitter follower AND when I did I thought I would send them a real quick message, I said, I LOVE YOU AIO!!!@AIO_Tweets and

 I just got a tweet back from them that said, (@JustMarymoments. "Thanks so much Mary! We love that you're a  "funloving, adorable young lady that loves God with all her heart" ~AIO )
 EEEEEEEEEEKS!!!! SERIOUSLEY!!! You all can NOT even believe the HUGE smile that is on my face right now!!! I'm like SCREAMIN!!!!!! AIO LOVES ME!!! Don't be JEALOUS PEOPLE!!! DON"T BE JEALOUS!!! Its almost like ♥Wooten♥ himself said it to me!!! *Sigh! Weeeellll thats all...I just thought I would let you ALL be the FIRST TO KNOW!!!!  I can't wait till my sis comes home so I can tell HER!!!

I'm sure she'll be THRILLLED!!!!! :)

♥Mary Frances :)