Sunday, September 4, 2011

Youth Pastor Advice!!!

Welll... as most of you all know, I am a VERY minstry minded person. I felt recently a special burden to bring back a ministry I first began to feel called to as a teenager....

So some of girls were sittin around today havin a VERY SPIRITUAL CONVERSATION, talkin about guys and BEING FISHER'S of men!!! ;) (Heeeey you don't think thats spiritual??? READ THE WORD!!!;))))

Soooooooo MY YOUTH PASTOR, hearing our conversation was jokin around about us girls gettin our hooks and bait ready for Youth Alive...then he gave me some VERY GOOOOD ADVICE!!!! LOLOL!!! He said,

"You know Mary, I think its ABOUT TIME, you start CASTING YOUR NET ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!"

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like NICE!!! YEAH, That sounds like a GOOOOOD IDEA TO ME!!! I guess i'm like the disciples, i've been laboring on the WRONG SIDE!!!! Soooo like the disciples, i'm not even gonna question this AMAZIN advice from my youth pastor,  and being the obedient, submissive person I am....


♥Mary Frances :)