Saturday, October 15, 2011


 So I'm havin this yard sale today and I got like a TON of kids stuff!!! Toys! Clothes....EVERYTHING and for all ages!!! I'm not exactley sure of HOW I accumulated ALL this stuff...BUT I got it and I'm sellin it!!!

So this lady comes to my yard sale and she is like, WOW, you must have A LOT of kids!!! And I'm like OH see and i start to explain, its like my niece and like...and she is like OH SO you don't have any kids??? And I'm just like, oh no, none of my own!!! And she is like, OH OKAAAAAY!!! I was gonna say, YOU are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay TO YOUNG to have kids!!!!!!!

I'm thinkin like, FOR REALZ????! HAHAHAHA!!! Cuz I know A LOT of people my age that have A LOT of kids by now!!! 
I wonder JUST HOW young this lady thinks I am????!!!!
Can you all believe that in LESS than two years I'm gonna be 30??? Thats cRaZy!!!
♥Mary Frances :)