Monday, October 17, 2011


Mj has decided that I am her aunt again. Thats it, she forgives me, for being cRaZy and makin her babies cry for her...HAHA!!! I'm happy to be her aunt again...LOL! She was soooooo upset about the earlier post...I had told her I was gonna do it if she didn't lose her attitude and she was like, YOU BETTER NOT!!! If you do that I am gonna be soooooooo MAD!!! Soooooo of course I did it!!! HAHAHA!!! Which made  her forgive me and decide that she does INDEED want me to be her aunt..because I mean AFTER ALL who woujldn't want me to be their aunt!!! She was like, did ALL these kids want you for their aunt when you  posted that? I was like oh YEAH everywhere were respondin...cuz you know, i'm a HOT ITEM as far as aunties go!!! ;) ;) She is like, WEEEELLL... NOT ANYMORE!!! You tell them!!! HAHAHA!!! Oh and Mary Jo wants me to post this quote from her to ALL the kids, "No! Mary is MY AUNT!" well there you have it folks...I am her AUNT!!!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)