Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Weeeeellll its OFFICIAL everyone as of this past Saturday there are NOW....
I'm not sure Mary Jo realizes JUST HOW PRIVELEGED she is to share this name with me...AHAHA...Don't be JEALOUS EVERYONE!!! LOL!!!

This past Saturday was my sister and MJ's adoption and it was one of the most AMAZIN days of my life!!! I'll NEVER forget that moment, when the judge said, "You WERE Marry Joe Mesa, BUT you are NOW...
 Mary Jo Elizabeth Ginty!
I prounounce you MOTHER & DAUGHTER!!!"
I was sooooooooooo excited i just interrupted the judge and started cheering and then my mom got out some kind of clanger noise maker and my momma tend to get a LITTLE outta control sometimes!!! But the judge didn't even care...he just smiled

 Weeeelll I guess it would ONLY makes sense that Stanley...THE DOLL...LOL...would come along and be apart of the this big day in MJ's life!!! Here they are walkin into the courthouse about to get sister has waited SOOOOOO long for this day!!!
 Here we are...
This past Saturday, over 300 adoptions took place on National Adoption Day in just the state of Arizona alone. Right here In AZ there are STILL over 1,200 kids who are ready and WAITIN for someone to step up and adopt them and thats NOT EVEN countin all the kids that are still in foster care waitin to either go back to their parent's or for their parent's rights to be completely severed. There are SOOOOO many kids out there that are waiting for someone to love them!!! I would like to encourage ALL the Apostolic families to consider opening their home and offering hope to a child in need. Your love could be a child's salvation!!! Think about it!!!

♥Mary Frances :)