Saturday, December 17, 2011

Battle Of The Sexes!!!

Playing the game Battle of The sexes tonight...its a game where its basically guys VS girls and the guys have to answer questions trivia questions that girls are more likely know and the girls have to answer trivia questions that the guys would more likely one point none of the girls even knew they were gettin a question asked to them...WHY??? Cuz they were to busy TALKIN to each other to hear!!! LOLOL!!!

AnywayZ, I'm sitting there like...TOTALLY CLUELESS either way!!! Like what's an empire waist??? I'm thinkin like a big girl??? Cuz her waist is the size of an WHOLE ENTIRE EMPIRE??? AHAHA!!! How many tablespoons in 1 cup??? I'm like there way we can figure this out mathematically on a CALCULATOR??? Whats a triangular shaped dress called??? What can a woman foil for fashion??? SEWING....FORGET IT!!!  I'm like OMW...I don't know the answers to the questions for THE GUYS OR THE GIRLS!! Whaaaaaaaaat does this say about ME???

The ONLY two questions about females that I ACTUALLY knew were that Sun and Palmolive are the brand names of DISH DETERGENT!!! ANNNNND the name for sections of garlic is CLOVES!!! Ahahaha!!! Soooo the ONLY things I really know about being a girl is DISHWASHING AND COOKIN!!! In other words...THE KITCHEN!!!

♥Mary Frances :)