Thursday, January 12, 2012

Filipino Eybrow Raising!!!

So in the Philipines, ESPECIALLY in Bohol, everyone raises their eyebrows!!! Its like a greeting or acknowlegement, or they answer your question with their eyebrows...its really cool!!! AND I had noticed in A LOT with Jewel, my first sis-in-law, like when she sang it was like her eyebrows danced,  BUUUUT they do it EVEN more in Bohol!!! I mean like your walkin down the street and you say hi to ANYONE, male or female  and they usually respond back with a big smile and some MAJOR EYEBROW RAISING!!! LOL!!! 
So i was tellin Grace, my new sis-in-law, who is also an EXPERT eyebrow raiser, that in the U.S., when a guy or girl raise their eyebrows at each other its sort of like a FLIRTY move, and if a random guy that you didn't know, just smiled and raised his eyebrows at you, YOU WOULD NOT think he was just being friendly but a TOTAL CREEP!!! LOLOL So we were laughing about it!!!
Then I told her that when I get back to the U.S. I am going to just smile and raise my eyebrows at all the GWAPO  guys!!! AND if anyone says anything about me being flirty or forward I'm just gonna say...
I'm NOT being a FLIRT!!!! I'm just being...

♥Mary Frances :)