Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Landing in Bohol...

I can NOT even begin to explain to you all the feelin of exhileration that I felt when our airplane landed from Manila Philipines onto the island of Bohol!!! My brothers have told me about it soooooo MANY times before...BUUUUUUUUT...the experience was completley different!!!
Here I am on our hour flight from Manila to Bohol...SQUISHED...OMW...it was THE LONGEST HOUR EVERRRRRRRRR!!! LOLOLOL!!! (At least my seat belt still fits now!!!) When the sweward came for my drink request...my brothers were like, REALLLY MARY...you felt like it was necacessary to get coffee...and to mix in the cream and sugar right NOW too!!! LOL...YES... I DID!!! :)
Here we are flying over one of the many Philipine islands...there are over 7000 islands in the Philippines...Manila is the main one and the most Americanized...Bohol speaks a completely differnent language than Tagolag and is way more rural!!!
Most of the people on the island of Bohol have never EVEN been to Manila...
Here we are getting ready to land in Bohol...
Getting CLOSER!!!!

 ON the runway AND there are houses still RIGHT THERE!!!
I had been soooooo squished and was feeling soooo sick, my head and nose was soooo stuffed up and my ears were hurting me soooooooooo bad from NOT popping...BUT When I saw this airport and all the green beauty around me I was sooooo EXCITED!!! I could NOT stop smiling!!!
 I was LIKE THERESA!!! THIS IS SOOOOOO COOOOL!!! OMW!!! She was like...uuuuuh yeah...AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It was also like...TOTALLY WARM AND HUME IT OUT...LOL!!!
AND you guys THIS IS IT!!! This ONE building was THE WHOLE ENTIRE AIRPORT!!! I was like in such AWWWWWWWW!!! I mean I have traveled ALL over before BUUUUUT i Have NEVERRRR eperienced such a LITTLE, in the middle of now where airport before!!!!
Oh and LOOOOK!!!! THey have have fire trucks RIGHT THERE....JUST IN CASE...there is a ROUGH landing...NICE!!! :)))
AND THEN LOOK...you just STEP OFF the plain right there...instead of into the airport....
And then look...here is everyone's luggage being taken out

AND the moment we enter the NO AC airport...
The adventure IMMEDIATLEY begins!!!
Stay tuned...MORE TO COME!!!

♥Mary Frances :)