Monday, January 2, 2012


Sooooooo some time recently someone tried to set me up with this guy that I just had NO interest just is what it is!!! I wasn't rude, I just said no thank you, i'm more content being a single, cRaZy old maid!!! :))) LOLOL!!!
Weeeeellll another one of my friends I was tellin it about, who is ALSO single, was like OH you should just go for him...he is a great guy, blah, blah, blah!!! And i'm just like NOOO! LOL My friend is just like, he is sooooooo NICE!!! I'm like weeeeeeellll...maybe YOU should go for him then!!! :)))
She is like MARY, come on, you really think he can AFFORD...ME??? (She happens to reeeeeeallllly LOVE shoppin and a collector of expensive things!!!) Me and MY HABITS??? I'm like, OH YEAH...weeeeeellll MAYBE he can't afford ME and MY HABITS EITHER!!!
My sister pipes into the conversation now and she is like...OH yeeeeah...YOUR EXPENSIVE habits Mary!!?!?!?!! As in... GOODWILL, SAVERS and DUMPSER DIVING!?!?!?! (HAHAHAHA!!!) I'm like heeeeeeey don't forget 99 cents only and HELLLLLOOOOO....
♥Mary Frances :)