Saturday, January 14, 2012


One of the COOLEST, AWESOMEST things we did on our trip was to visit the orphanage in Bohol!!! It was my sister's idea and she talked to the pastor and they got it all arranged for us to go!!! My sis bought a buncha candy and Dunkin donuts, then we loaded up the van and headed out. When my sis was buying all the donuts, my sis was tellin the ladies at Dunkin Donuts that we were buying them to bring to the kids in the orphanage. One of the ladies was soooo TOUCHED she said to my sis, That is so nice that you would come all the way here to do that. Thank you for loving Boholians!!! I thought that was REALLY cool!!! Cuz Bohol is such a BEAUTIFUL place...prettier even than Hawaii...and they get A LOT of tourists...BUUUT people don't come for THE PEOPLE...they just come for themselves, for vacation....but they have NO interest in the people of Bohol...which is SAD...cuz the people of Bohol are SOOOO NICE...and sweet and FRIENDLY!!!
Here we are in the van, on our way to the orphanage with some of the youth and church members...

 Here we are when we FIRST got there...everyone was ALL SHY!!!! LOL!!!

Here are some of the kids at the orphanage...the oldest child there was 16 and the youngest was 3...
The first group of kids to break outta the shyness...LOL
Sis. Jewel, one of the young people from their church was leading the kids in songs...then I led the kids in Father Abraham...which surprisingly NOT all the Boholians it was cool to be able to teach them a new song and the kids LOVED it!!!

The funniest thing was that they kept refering to my brother Abraham as Father Abraham them!!! LOL!
Just hangin out with the kids...playing some games and stuff
Here is my sis handing out donuts...she said one of the FIRST things that made her know we were NOT in the USA is cuz the kids just took what they got and didn't say, I don't like it, I don't want that one...I want that one...LOL...cuz it doesn't matter HOW poor a kid is in the USA...they ALWAYS say stuff!!! LOL!!!
This little girl was sooooo adorable...BUT sooo SHY....I finally talked her into letting me take ths picture of her!!!
Mj Decided that she wanted the little girl in the middle to be her NEW sister...she said...Because she is soooo pretty!!! Then she said that we should really just take ALLL the kids home with us because they don't have a mommy and daddy to love them...Awwww I sooo wanted to!!!
The little boy on the END had a HUGE crush on MJ!!! 
Here is my mom with Sis. Wellina and this little boy just wanted to be held!!!
Here is my mom with a bunch of the kids!!! They all loved her and were having so much fun with her!!! They called her Lola Frances. (Lola means Grandma)
Here are me and my sis with a bunch of the kids!!! I felt right at home!!!
Some of the guys from the church...they did some card tricks with the boys and stuff...

Here I am tellin the kids a story about Jesus and Jewel is inerpreting to the kids for me...they understand English but it was still hard I think with my accent and stuff for them to full grasp everything I was sayin in English!!!
My brother John made buddies with the youngest boy there...Billy Bob!!! Awwww!!!

Here are some of the kids with some of the youth from the church!!!
Mary Jo FINALLY agreed to get her pic with this little boy!!! He had SUCH a crush on her and she wouldn't talk to him and he was like Heeey Mary Jo! What your problem? Hey Mary Jo Your Pretty! Mary Jo! Talk to me! LOL!!! In the end she even put her arm around him for the pic...(She's like me...she knows there is a whole ocean and 20 hour airplane flight between in distances...sooo oh well lets just go with it!!! Ahahaa;)
Me and this girl Mary Ann just totally bonded!!! We were just immediatley drawn to each other...Idk why...she is 13-years old and was just soooo sweet!!! I was kind of surprised that it was her I bonded with...I had kind of been expectin to get attached to a younger child..but was this girl...if I coulda I soooo would have taken her with me...Just seein this picture of her I wish I could hug her just one more time!!!
Mary Ann told one of the girls later on that she thought I was so pretty and that I had CUTE eyes!!! I was like awwwwww...THANK YOU!!!

John with some more little buddies of his!!! Awwww! :)
Saying good bye to the kids...NONE of us wanted to leave!!! They guys from the church said they just wanted to say...and the kids WANTED us to was soooo hard saying good bye to them!!!.
WE all just kep saying bye! Bye! Bye!!! Buuuuuuut none of us wanted to leave and then the kids followed us out to the van...
These kids will get to live at the orphanage until they finish with high school and most kids in the Philipines finish at age 16...once they are done with school they are ON THEIR OWN!!! They said that it is easier to adopt a child from the Philipines than ANY other Asian just have to get adoption certified and financially aproved...Alot of the Filipino people can NOT be financially aproved because of the low economy...If ANYONE wants to adopt...consider the Filipino children!!! When you take a child into your home you can change their life FOREVER!!!

♥Mary Frances :)