Sunday, February 19, 2012

A glimpse...of MJ's PARTAAAAY!!!

Heeeey Everyone!!!! My neice's adoption party was a HUGE success!!! It was all sooo nice and so many people came to help us celebrate...unfortunatley...My camera DIED...LOL...I keep forgetting to either BRING my camera OR to charge it for all these HUGE events I have been attending...anyways...There will be A LOT more pics cuz my sis-in-law was photographing...BUUUT here is ONE sooo you can see how it looked...YES i'm in it and NOT MJ...LOL!!! What can I died before I could take any of her!!!
The decorations were ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! Special thanks to Alyssa Wikins, the inspiration behind all the decorations and her group of helpers!!! I can't wait to PUT THE LEFTOVERS in MY ROOOOOM!!! Okaaaaaay more pics to come SOOON!!! :)

♥Mary Frances :)