Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Okaaaaaaaaay so there was a bounce house at MJ's adoption party...GUESS who went in??? ;)
I just could NOT resist and it was soooo much funnn!!! THe kids absolutely LOVVVVED me getting on with them!!! AND my nephew ACTUALLY kept coming and getting me by the hand and bringing me back over!!! HE was like, Aunt Mary, JUMP!!! It was a VERY touching moment in my life!!! :D AnywayZ, I decided THAT...
When I get married I MUST have a bounce house at my reception!!! I willll sooooooo go in and slide down too!!! Wedding dress and EVERYTHING!!! I was tellin my sis...and she was just like lookin at me...and I'm like BUUUUT...I WONDER what guy would EVERRRR be cool with a bounce house at the weddding??? My sis was like, Uh PROBABLEY NO ONE!!! I'm like WHATEVER!!! Wooten WOULD BE!!! My sis is like, yes, AND Wooten is NOT REAL!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
I also want a BIG O GHETTO pinata, a pool table, an air hockey table, a photo booth, a candy bar, karioke ANNNNNNNND its going to be a rainbow themed weddding!!! AND instead of throwing rose petals at us...I want multi-colored hearts thrown at us...AND my husband is going to sing to me, "I just call you Mine!!!! Oooo its gonna be the FUNNNNEST, HAPPIEST celebration EVERRRR and YOU ALLL are invited!!! :)))

♥Mary Frances :)