Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My driving AND my flirting!!!

Sooooooooo your probabley wonderin WHAT...
my drivin
 and flirtin...
 may possssibley have in common??? Allow me to tell you!!! :D
Soooooooo people have BRAVELY been letting me DRIVE lately!!! I'm like OMW wow!!! Like, i know i'm 28-years-old, buuuuuuuuuut, I guess you could say that i'm kinda sorta a LATE BLOOMER!!! Two years ago, for my 26th birthday, I told my family the ONLY thing I wanted was a DRIVER'S LISCENSE!!!!!!
Soooooooooo my LOVING family bought me one for my 26th birthday!!!! Your thinking, OMW you can buy those things????? YES!!! You CAN!!! Its called ABC DRIVING SCHOOL!!! LOLOL!!! So I got my licsence...buuuuuuuuut for the past two years...NO ONE HAS LET ME DRIVE!!! like OMW I have NOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA WHY!!!! AHahaa!!!
Soooooo here I am at 28, ANNNND....I DROVE TO THE MALL FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY ALLLLLL BY MYSELF!!! I bought a scarf...which looks soooooooooo cute on me...wearin it to church on Wednesday...don't worry you'll be seeing pics sooooon!!! ;)
ALSO today, My sis let me drive to Walmart with MJ ALL BYmyself! When I got back I said, "Were you praying?!?!" She said,"YES!" I said, "So WAS I!!!" (:
AnywayZ, last week when I was drivin with Jac, when we got back to my house I said okaaaaaaaay so WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY DRIVIN??? And Jac says, your not bad, its just really, rough, like we KNOW EVERY MOVE your about to make!!! AHAHAHA!! I busted up laughing!!!
THEN...I'm like OMW!!! Thats EXACLTEY like my flirting skills!!! I'm not a bad flirt, its just kinda ROUGH... NOT SMOOTH! Bahahaahahaha!!! Very obvious and YOU KNOW, EVERY MOVE, I am making!!! AHAHAHA!!!
*No one start name stories!!!! LOLOL!!!
Like OMW you like fried chicken?!
Willl you marry me???
♥Mary Frances :)