Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I feel like...

Sooooooooo i've been ALL excited cuz i've been feelin like SUCH a GROWN UP lately!!! I know, i know, at 28, I probabley should have been feelin that way a LOOOOOOOONG time ago....buuuuuut....as you all know...I'm MARY, and these things just don't happen quickely with me!!!! ;)
Soooooo i've had a bank account, but it was only a savings and I have been gettin my paycheck in direct deposit to it, buuuuuut I have been thinkin, OH I really NEEEED to get a checking account. This way I can get a debit card... and shop online!!!! (AHahaha)
K! Sooooooo I go walkin into the bank, AFTER I had driven there, ALL BY MYSELF, with the keys hanging off my fingers, FEEEEELIN OOOOOO sooooo grown up and I ask my bank teller if I can open a checking account to??? She kind of hesitates, then says, "Weeeeeeellllllll, yeah, buuuuuut how old are you?" I'm like, 28!!!!!!!
She just looks at me with this STARTELED expression and says, oh, OH, OK! Yeah, thats fine. You can open one. Then she kinda smiles and says, I thought you were younger than 28. I'm like OH, how old did you think I was? And she kind of hesitates and says, weeeeeellll...I didn't know for sure, buuuuut, I was thinking you were under 18, thats WHY I asked you your age!!!

THEN a month or so ago at Bible college, I was talkin to one of the married girls and some other girls after class one night. AND I was just being my goofy self, tellin stories to make them laugh, and then I was talkin about how there are some prayers that God answers sooooo FAST, like you pray about your attitude and convictions and God is like RIGHT on it and I said buuuuut there are other things that you pray for and you just have to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, AND WAIT!!!!! And I was being VERY dramatic....You would have to be there...LOL...AND I was like, FOR EXAMPLE, I have been praying for a HUSBAND, for TEN YEARS NOW, and God STILL hasn't answered that prayer!!!!!
So the married girl, just kinda sweetly, maturely, smiles at me and gently asks, How old are you Mary??? I'm like, 28!!!! She is like, OH! I'm like, you thought I was younger didn't you??? She starts laughing, and says YES!!!  I thought you were like 18 and I was thinkin like, Oh poor Mary's been prayin for a husband since she was 8!!! AHAHA!
AnywayZ, I think its funny that i'm FINALLLLY, feelin like a KINDA-sorta- grown up at 28 years old and people are guessing me to be under age...
I'm just curious as to what is that makes everyone guess me to be younger???

I don't know, maybe its my little girl bows,
 Hello Kitty clothes or
the heart-shaped-hot-pink sunglasses???

♥Mary Frances :)