Sunday, April 22, 2012

My little treasure!!!

I found a TOTAL treasure at my OWN yard sale this past weekend!!! NOW let me warn you all...when I say a treasure, this is a MARY TREASURE...and weeeellll...that right says enough RIGHT?!?! HA! ;)
It was EARLY Saturday morning...when I found it!!! I was havin a combined yard sale with Sis. Sarah, another lady from our church and there I was, sitting on the ground, setting stuff out and straightening up from the day before...WHEN....I saw it...MY TREASURE!!! I HAAAAAAAAAAD to have it!!!
This lady was coming to me with little things she wanted to buy and making a pile NEXT to ME!!! (Bad idea!) All of the sudden she comes back with THE MOST ADORABLE LITTLE THING EVERRR...

and says, "How Much?!" I looked at what she wanted to buy and my breath caught, I have ALWAYS wanted one of...
I was like thinkin in my head, like, OMW!!! Where DID this come from??? I was like...THIS LADY IS NOT gettin this monkey!!! I HAD TO THINK OF SOMETHING!!! The lady was like WAITING for me to respond with a PRICE...soooo I was like hmmm...I could make up a REALLY outragous price, and I was going to buuuut then I was like, OH no, what if she still wants to pay the outragous price for it???  So instead I just said,
"I'm Sorry Ma'aam...

The lady was like, What do you mean? I got it over THERE!!! She points to Sis. Sarah's box of toy junks that are being sold for like a quarter or less...LOL...I'm thinking, OH my what should I say to THAT??? I'm like, Okaaaay you know what, Sarah isn't here yet, I'm in charge... THEREFORE, I am going to BE AUTHORITATIVE to this lady and NOT let go of this PRECIOUS lil baby monkey!!!
I was like NOPE, I'm sorry ma'aam, its NOT FOR SALE!!! The lady was VERY annoyed...buuuut I very sweetly and kindly, PUT MY FOOT down and REFUSED to sell her this monkey!!! Then as she was payin for the rest of her items, AND STILL EYING MY BABY MONKEY, Jacqui, who JUST HAPPENED to be there, came swoopin in and said, "here Mary, I'll put it over here for you!!! She didn't even question...WHY I wasn't sellin the monkey...she JUST KNEW!!! It was like a TOTAL BESTIE MOMENT!!! LOL  (Also took the pics of me reinacting the moment!!! LOL!)
When Sarah got there and I showed it to her and told her the whole story she started laughing soooo hard!!! I was like, name the price, I WILL SOOOOOOOO BUY IT FROM YOU!!! She was like, YOU CAN JUST HAVE IT!!!!!
Then she told me that one of her girls had been given it for their birthday several years ago and then they wrapped it up and gave it to Janelle when she was pregnant for a present for their new baby cousin that was about to be born, and SOMEHOW, the girls had ended up back with it and now she was tryin to get rid of it in the yard sale! I was like, OMW! I remember when they gave it to JANELLE!!! I had sooooooooo wanted it!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
i'm admitting to coveting a lil stuffed baby monkey...
(Pray for me folks!!! PRAAAAAY!!!:)

♥Mary Frances :)