Sunday, May 13, 2012


To the most AMAZING MOMMY in the whole entire world!!! I thank God for a mom that has been FAITHFUL, FAITHFUL, FAITHFUL!!! She instilled in me the importance of FAITHFULNESS to the house of God!!! I remember growing up no matter WHAT was going on in our home, no matter how she was feeling, SHE ALWAYS made sure that we were in the House of God!!! She was like the mailman's oath...Rain or shine, snow or sleet, ...
My mom is a LOVER of HOLINESS!!! When we first moved here from NYC we came from a good church, buuuuut the standards were A LOT different then what the Abbotts taught. IN ALL my years growing up, I have NEVER heard my mom say, know, thats NOT what we were taught in our other church where we got saved...where we found the truth...NOPE...she embraced EVERYTHING the Abbott's taught full heartedley!!! (Just think, had I stayed in NYC ya all coulda had the chance to see ME, in short skirts!!! Bahahaha..and we can all say, THANK GOD FOR THE ABBOTT'S!!! ;)
I've KNOWN people, that have come in under other standards being taught and I've seen that there are things that they have difficulty letting go of and I have heard them say, well I just don't understand, It was ok at my other church...AND I can understand where they are coming from. Soooooo I asked my mom about this a couple of years ago. I said, MOM! Why didn't you ever question the things that we were taught? How come you NEVER said, WEEEELLLL  it was ok in our other church...blah, blah, blah...She said....
BECAUSE, it was NEVER about living in a way that I was trying to get away with as much as possible and STILL be considered saved. I just wanted to be pleasing to God. When we came from NYC I visited several different churches, but when I stepped foot into the Abbott's church, I KNEW this was HOME!!! She said that Bro. Abbott was her new pastor and whatever he taught she going to do...WHY??? Because she wanted to be pleasing to God!!! She said that everything we do, we DO to please God!!!! AND that is a spirit of Holiness!!! Thats EXACTLEY what Sis. Bishop Abbott taught us in Ladies of Legacy...A SPIRIT OF HOLINESS!!! (Amazing lesson that you all would be BLESSED to hear) A spirit of Holiness says I JUST want to be pleasing to God!!! Whatever YOU want God!!!! Yup! Thats ANOTHER reason why I love my mom...she has exuberated to be a SPIRIT OF HOLINESS and has taught me to LOVE HOLINESS!!!!!!!

My mom is REAL!!! I mean, really, really, really REAL!!! This woman is HONEST!!!   Ask her, her oppinion and she will TELL YOU!!!!!!! Don't ask her oppinion and she will ALSO tell you!!!!! :))) TRUST ME!!! I KNOW!!! :))) LOLOLOL! I told my mom the other day, Mom, you don't even KNOW how to be fake!!! She don't have a fake bone in her!!!! She is an Italian New Yorker...she don't sugar coat or beat around the bush. She gets straight to the point and tells it like it is! Even though I may NOT always like this, and it may not always make her popular, I appreciate this about my mom!

A faithful wife. My mom has taught me, that when you make a vow before God, its FOREVER!!! AND she hasn't just told me that, she has LIVED THAT!!! When EVERYONE in the world would have understood if she got a divorce she refused. She has always told me that when you get married its for LIFE!!! AND she has taught me to be SELECTIVE in who we marry. You look at a person's heart...NOT what they can get you! You look at a person's life...NOT their looks!  I remember this one time, ONE of us girls was likin a guy and he was askin the pastor about talkin and everyone was soooo excited...buuut MY mom was like, Mmmm I don't know about this, and people were like OH welll he is wonderful, blah, blah blah...he EVEN has a DEGREE...and MY MOM was like...I could CARE LESS if he has a degree... BIG DEAL!!! She's like, I have my masters in special Education...BUUUUT a degree means NOTHING when it comes to marrying MY DAUGHTER!!! HAHA!!! She has ALWAYS been able to judge a person's character almost IMMEDIATLEY!!!!!!! Soooooo MANY times, she would tell me, Theres just SOMETHING about him...and I would be like, OH MOM!!! Why do you have to be like that??? THEN sure enough...something would come out and my MOM would be right AFTER ALL!!!

A love for MOTHERHOOD!!!!! My mom has taught me that being a mom is the best thing in the world. She has sacrifeced soooooo much to be MY MOM!!! She chose ME over a career!!! She chose ME over MONEY!!!
Here is a lil peice of my mom's testimony about being a stay-at-home-mom
"I remember one day my daughter Mary came home from fourth grade and told me about something that happened that day at recess. She said that her and a group of kids were standing around talking. All the kids were bragging about their parent’s careers. Some kid’s parent’s were doctors, lawyers, police officers etc…then they turned to Mary and said, “So what does your mom do?” As a child, Mary was very quiet and shy so when they asked her she said that she was kind of embarrassed when she explained that her mom was just a mom. She said the kids kind of snickered when they heard this and said, “You mean she just stays at home and doesn’t do anything?” When they did this Mary got annoyed. She squared her shoulders, stuck out her chin and said,
“Well actually, my mom has her Master’s degree. She could work if she wanted to, but she chooses to stay home with her children because she says that we mean more to her than all the money in the world!” It was moments like this that my decision to stay home was reconfirmed."
Read the rest HERE!!! Also you can read HERE something that I wrote as a tribute to my mom in my public speaking class in college! (I LOVE PUBLIC SPEAKING!!! LOL!) I turned it into a writing piece to post on my blog...but it was REALLLY powerful as a speech! Like I said, you can read it HERE!!! The Bible says that HER Children will RISE UP and call her blessed!!! Thats what I want to do!!!
THANK YOU GOD, for an awesome MOMMY!!!
♥Mary Frances :)