Thursday, May 24, 2012

ME as a...

Soooooooooo i'm in my room preparing for bed the other night when I hear my sis bust up laughing! Then she yells out from the front of the house, MARY, i'm looking at this picture and it TOTALLLLLY reminds me of YOU!!! I'm like oh ok...she is LIKE MARY!!! COME HERE!!! YOU JUST HAAAAAAAAAAVE to see this!!!!!!
Sooooooooooo i'm thinkin who could EVERRRR possibley look like ME??? I mean HELLLLLOOOO I'm Mary Bear!!! I am my OWN PERSON...ONE OF A KIND!!!! Buuuuuut my sister is INSISTING sooooo i'm like, OH okaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!
She is like LOOK MARY!!! This is sooooooooooo YOU!!! And I look at the computer screen and just start SQUEELIN at...
I'm like OMW!!! That IS totally ME!!!!!! Adorabley, irresistabley CUTE...MAR BEAR!!! I asked her WHAT about the pic reminded her of ME? The way the cat looked??? OR WHAT the pic said??? She was just laughing and was BOTH!!! Thats TOTALLY something you would say, (when I get married!;) and the way you look...Its JUST YOU!!! I was like AWWWWW!!! Like a TOTAL COMPLIMENT!!!
Can you all see the resemblance???

♥Mary Frances :)