Monday, May 28, 2012


OMW!!! You guys its gettin cRaZy busy over here as we're gettin ready for New Mexico Youth camp!!! CHECK OUT MY AMAZIN PACKIN SKILLS!!!! LOLOL!!!

Okaaaaaaaay soooo I started packin like three weeks ago! I was talkin to Devi on the phone and I was like Okaaaaaaaay i'm packin for camp already cuz I'm sooooooooo EXCITED!!! And she was like, OH MY!!! AND I was like yeah, my biggest problem is that I have soooooo many cute clothes I don't know what to pack AND I wish these camps were longer so I could wear more outfits!!! LOL  Dev was like oh just switch outfits halfway through each service...I was like OH NICE IDEA!!! She was like, JUST KIDDIN!!! HAHA!!! THen someone else suggested weeeeellll just bring the ones that you look really, really, really, REALLLY good in!!! I'm like okaaaaaaaay that soooooooo doesn't help me cuz I look  really, really, really, REALLLY good in ALL OF THEM!!!  HAHAHA!!!
ANYWAYZ, I gotta go cuz I got sooooo much to do and we are meetin at our church at 4 am and soooooo I don't think I am going to go to sleep tonight!!! I stillll gotta finish packin, cell phone charger and camera charger...DON'T FORGET MARY!!!  curl my hair, wash dishes, go over to my moms for a bbq and weeelll my sis said INSTEAD of tellin her EVERYTHING I wanted to do I should TRY and just GO DO IT!!!! LIke she says this AS she plays games on her iPad before she starts packin!!!!!
Ooooo AND I gotta call HANNA!!!!!!!! HANNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAA We MUST TALK before I LEAVE!!! I think we neeeeed to pray together about some STUFFFF...before I leave!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Okaaaaaaaay that will be takin place tonight at our usual midnight time!!!!!

Annnnnnnnd I didn't get the APOSTOLIC BEAUTY DONE!!! Awwww man!!! Guys you'll have to wait on that one!!!!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)