Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back from CAMP!!!

Heeeeeeeeey everyone!!! I am home from camp!!!  After a VERRRRRRY looooong drive home yesturday... a three hour stop at Sam's Club AGAIN and two people threw up...LOL...Poor Trav...both people were by him!!! Here are a FEW stolen pics from camp...I havn't uploaded mine yet but I got a TON!!!! soooo much more to come...Here is just a little preview...

Paddle boats and WATER fights...Alahondra FELL in at one point...bahaha...WHO GOT PICS OF THAT??? Email them to me!!!
Levi Foster playing the drums....
Being our cRaZy-WEIRD selves!!!!
Some of the youth after church the last night....if your single NEVER BEEN MARRIED...come to the front and some how Brandon Tyler a newly-wed ended up was really funny!
Photo: Mighty Men of Landmark .... our Heroes!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd here are the guys after they had just fixed one of our blow-out tires....okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay stay tuned...more to come I just got to get these pics uploaded....soooooooooooo maybe even today!!! Oh and I just want to say that even with AS MUCH fun as we had, NOTHING can compare to the services!!! They were absolutely phenominal!!!! The presence of God was sooooooooo STRONG!!! Oooooo I have sooooooo much to say!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)