Saturday, June 9, 2012

Driving DREAMS!!!

Soooooo a couple of weeks or so ago, I had THE CRAZIEST dream EVERRRR about DRIVING!!! The first part of the dream was that I was driving buuuut it felt really AWKWARD the way I was sitting and I couldn't figure out WHY buuuuuuut it felt like I was leanin over across the car to the steering wheel to drive. I'm like okaaaaaaay this is WEIRD whaaaaaaaat IN THE WORLD is going on?!!??!?!?!
THEN, in my dream, as I was awkwardly driving, I suddenly REALIZED... I was sitting in the passengers seat and trying to drive from there. In my dream i'm thinkin like okaaaaaay WHY am I driving like this??? AND then it hit me, I was soooooooooooo USED to sitting in the passenger seat pretty much my WHOLE LIFE that I was even trying to drive from there. AHAHAHAHA!!! It was ONLY after I woke up that I realized that there is NOOOOO WAY I coulda been drivin from that side cuz I would have to be hitting the gas, buuuuut  ya know how it is in DREAMS...sometimes ALL COMMON sense is just COMEPLETELY LOST!!! (Which makes me wonder if I am sometimes LIVING IN A DREAM!?!?!)
ANNNNNNNNND the truth is THAT... Since I have started driving, and my sis would hand me the keys, there has been quite a few times that I started walking over to the passengers side of the car and my sis would be like, can't drive from that side!!! LOL
Sooooooooooo NOW its time for the SECOND half of this dream...if you felt like the FIRST part of the dream was cRaZy, get ready...AHAHAHA....sooooo there I am driving from THE DRIVER'S seat this time and all of the sudden I start like having this panick attack...OH NO!!! Where is my sister's van? I can't find it!!! ANd I'm like soooo worried, driving all over the place searching for it and EVERYWHERE I look its NO WHERE to be found...sooooo i'm like soooooooo UPSET. I'm like, I LOST MY SISTER'S VAN...
ANNNNNND THEN...all of the sudden, IT DAWNED ON ME...THE VEHICLE I WAS in, FRANTICALLY DRIVING AROUND, searching for my sister's van...
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was frantically lookin for a car and I WAS DRIVING IT...LOLOLOLOL!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I remember thinkin in my dream, like WOW...I have GOT TO BLOG ABOUT THIS...this is soooooo a CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!!
Strangely, my sister doesn't find this dream, QUITE as funnnny as I do. :D
Sooooo Hanna, Anali, Jedidah, Jayne, Liz... you girls SURE you don't want ME drivin ya all to HERITAGE?!

♥Mary Frances :)