Saturday, July 14, 2012

Treasured Coke!!!

Soooo it was the FANCY BALLROOM night dinner on the cruise where you get dressed up all fancy prancy...weeeeeeelllll...I decided to go out and use the ladies room in the middle of dinner...which was one floor up...soooo I took the elevator annnnnnnnnd when I returned to my table I had THIS...
A COKE!!! Now you have to understand that sodas are NOT free on the ship with all the other food and drinks...they are like EXPENSIVE too...annnnnnnd EVERYONE knows that I am waaaaaaaaay to cheap and ghetto to pay THAT price for one!!! Soooo My sis is like, Okaaaaaaaay where did you get THAT FROM??? I'm like...
Her and Lorraine were like, OKAAAAY he just GAVE IT TO YOU??? Were you FLIRTING??? I was like NOOOOOOOOO! ( I am NOT a FLIRT!) See it happened like this, I was just being my NORMAL, FRIENDLY SELF...annnnnnnd he got on the elevator with the soda cart and I smiled and said Hi, Cuz thats BEING POLITE...I'm NOT snooty like some people on the ship to the workers...annnnnnnnnd...
I couldn't see his name tag that had what country he was from so I'm like, Oh what country are you from? And he says Romania, annnnnnnd I was like, OH WOW, thats cool!!! ANNNNND then he says would you like a soda... For FREE!!! I was like, OH SUUUUURE!!! Thank YOU!!! Annnnd I grabbed a coke and as I was walkin off the elevator he says he liked my hair...I WAS LIKE OMW...cuz CUTE guys NEVERRRR give me REALZ!!!
Sooooooo I said THANK YOU and ran back to dinner and the girls were like sooooo WHAT did you he look like?! I was like, IDK...He was like some cute, white guy from Romania and he had me at...
♥Mary Frances :)