Sunday, August 12, 2012

Being COOL!!!

If you can't read the sign below it says, ONLY FOR  12 AND UNDER!!! (Then it says it again in Spanish) Weeeeeeeeellllll take a WILD GUESS at WHO was 12-years-old at the MOMENT???

YEEEESSSS ME!!! I just couldn't help myself!!! The whole place was like EMPTY and weeeeellll it just seemed like a good FUN idea!!! :))) Weeeeeeeelllll Mary Jo and Jose just went WILD with excitement when they saw me going in!!! Here comes Mary!!! HERE COMES MARY!!!

I'm like climbing up and i'm like OH MAN I hope I don't break this thing!!! Annnnd Mary Jo is like, MARY its NOT gonna break...your not as big and your getting FLATTER!!! AHAHAHA!!! Then Jose starts cheering me!!! COME ON AUNT MARY!!! You CAN DO IT!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! THEEEEEN when I got to the to he was like, Your SOOOO COOL MARY FOR CLIMBING!!! I was like AWWWW!!! My lil gwappo thinks i'm COOL!!! Do you all know JUST HOW HIGH OF A COMPLIMENT THAT IS TO ME?!?!?!
Who cares what the rest of the world thinks of me...
My neice and nephew...
 think I'm COOL!!!
♥Mary Frances :)