Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh THAT Boy!!!

Soooooooo I LOOOOOVE my nephew!!! I mean he is just like the CUTEST thing every and I am CONTINUALLY doing stuff to try and gain his attention!!! Some how he KNOWS THIS...and feels like it is his PERSONAL duty to make sure I DON'T GET IT!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Soooo the other day on the way to church I TAKE this picture of myself and show it to him!!! I'm like LOOK JOSE...Its Aunt Mary!!! Do you like it??? He briefly glances at it and without missing a beat or mentioning that he even sees me in the photo he says...
OH LOOK!!! There's MOMMY!!!
See how she is in the background??? AHAHAHA!!! I'm like JOSE!!! What about me??? Don't you see me?!?! He doesn't respond just turns away in total disinterest!!!
Soooooooo THEN I take another picture of myself and MAKE SURE his mommy isn't in it and show it to him!!! I'm like SEE, LOOK, its AUNT MARY!!! Once again he breifly glances at it then says,
OH LOOK!!! There's Mary Jo!!!
I WAS LIKE!!! JOSE!!!! I was like OMW!!! That boy is gonna be a HEART BREAKER one day...Ooooo WATCH OUT GIRLS!!! I need to take some Hard-to-get lessons from him!!! AHAHAHA!!! 
Ooooo THIS BOY...
♥Mary Frances :)