Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soooo cool!!!

I felt soooooooooo INCREDIBLY cool this past Sunday!!! I mean, I ALWAYZ feel COOL, buuuuuut THIS SUNDAY MAN, I felt SUPER COOL!!! 
Because for the FIRST TIME EVERRRR...I Picked kids up for church, ALL BY MYSELF AND IN MY OWN VEHICLE THAT I PAID WITH MY OWN MONEY TO BUT GAS IN!!! It felt sooooo AWESOME to be able to do that!!! Yup its been ALMOST 7 years now that I've been working with the African kids...BUT this is the FIRST TIME i didn't have to make anyone do it FOR ME!!! Yesturday was a dream come true!!! Do  you all know how cool it feels to bring people to church??!?!?! AWESOMELY COOL!!! :)
I did have some advice for the kids tho...Okaaaaaay listen up kiddos...
DO NOT TALK TO ME WHILE I'M DRIVING!!! Do NOT TATTLE!!! I DO NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE IS DOING TO YOU!!! I CAN NOT TALK AND DRIVE AT THE SAME TIME!!! Mary+Driving+Talking=ACCIDENT!!! Annnnnnnnd since none of ya all have the Holy Ghost yet, i do NOT think this would be a good time for any of YOU ALL TO BE DYIN!!! Ya know, YA KNOW?! Jus' sayin! :)
♥Mary Frances :)