Friday, August 10, 2012

When I get married...

Sooo my friend Alyssa (Weddin site HERE)  is engaged to a guy from my church and soooo last week she came to youth service with this cutesy lil wedding planner/organizer book!!! I was like AWWWWW!!!!
THEN I was trying to imagine in my mind ME...with a wedding planner/organizer!!! Annnnd I turned to Alyssa and was like, WHEN I GET MARRIED, my FINANCE will be carrying that!!! AHAHA!!! Seriousley, I would NOT even care if they guy planned the WHOLE wedding!!!  im just gonna be like, okaaaay figure out HOWEVER you want to organize rainbow colors!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Don't worry PEOPLE, i'll make sure his organizer is BLUE or something!!!! I really feel it...Im gonna marry a SUPER organized know...some to ORGANIZE my cRaZiNeSs!!!  AHAHAHA!!! Thats soooo perfect!!!
♥Mary Frances :)