Friday, September 28, 2012

John and Lizzy's wedding!!!

Okaaaaay soooo here we go...the post EVERYONE has been WAITING FOR!!!  First of all...some of the pics are to big to see on the page...I couldn't get them to downsize...buuuuut if you just click on the pic  you can see the whole thing!!! I want everyone to know that there were NO MARY MOMENTS the whole entire day...I boring...right?! Also, I just want u all to know that had my phone NOT been banned from during the ceromony I coulda gotten waaaaay better pics!!! (:
Bride and Groom...Liz and John
Me and John...
Liz and Me! :)

This KISS!!!
which I totally missed cuz the grooms hulkin big shoulders totally blocked my view!!!
The grooms men!!!
The get-away car!!!
My mom...the COOK!
Me and Sarah...the bride's sister!!!
Mother of the bride!
SUSAN!!! One of my brother's co-workers...she said IF she was only 40 years younger...this would be THEM!!! LOLOLOL!!! She said John is the BEST man she has everrrr known!!! Awwww!!!
Bride gettin her hair done!
Family Tree!!!
Another co-worker...she got to the wedding soooo late The Bride and groom had already left!!! She said to TAKE pic and tell John this is what he missed!!! LOLOLOL
With our sweet mommy!!! SHe looked sooooo pretty!!!
ME...being a DORK...just to make everyone laugh!!! LOLOL!!!
Wow...I have really LONG arms!!! HAHAHA!!!
One of the trays of cookies that I baked all week long!!! Soooo PRETTY!!! :)