Friday, September 7, 2012


Guess who isn't at Youth Alive??? YES! Thats right...
Wanna know what I was thinkin when I took this picture??? I was thinking about how....Weeeeelllll...ACTUALLLY I was thinkin...MAN...I EVEN LOOK CUTE WHEN I'M SAD!!! ;) HAHAHAHA!!! BUUUUUUT after THAT thought ...I thought MAN I can't believe I'm NOT at YOUTH ALIVE!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
I can't believe that I actually talked some of my friends into going and THEN, didn't even go...annnnnnnnd let me think of all the people I am MISSIN SEEIN...Anali, Kendra, Jedidah, Jen Lord, Michelle. Kim G, Vivian, Crystal, Erynn, Ash, Danae, Denae, Sis. Kathy, Marvin, Carisa, Eliana, Cassia, Sarah, Courtney, Wendy, Stephanie, Cherie, Megan,  DESTINY...ummmmmmmm....WHO ELSE??? Now I feel bad if I didn't mention someone and I think I did buuuut I can't remember WHO now!!! Hmmmm!!! (Don't hate if I forgot you!!!)
Sooooooo last night after church, I'm gettin ALL these TEXT MESSAGES from my friends with pics of them with each other saying things like, OH look....I'm with all your friends JEALOUS??? I'm like WOW!!! TaLk about a buncha HATERRRS!!! AHAHA!!! ANNNNND WHY would I be jealous that you all get to hang out together, when I get to be at HOME CLEANING Annnnnd COOKIN!!! Huh? Huh? Huh???
LOLOLOL OF course I'm jealous...BRATS!!!!! Bahahaha...I was feelin a lil ya know...buuuuuut then I was like, AWWWWW they're ALL TOGETHER, totally enjoyin themselves, havin FUNNN...buuuuuuuuuuut...despite all the fun they are havin...THEY ARE STILL TEXTIN ME!!! You know what that means???? It means they LOVERRRRS ME!!! Annnnnnnddd they MISS ME!!! They aren't Mary Haterrrs...they are MARY LOVERRRRS!!!!I can read through the lines of all those text messages...I KNOW how they are realllllly feelin!!!! ANNNNNND in even in the middle of their GRAND TIME they are having,THAT THEY ARE STILL THINKING ABOUT ME!!!
Awwwwww I LOVE YOU ALL TOO!!! Oooo and EVERYONE THAT READS THIS MESSAGE...go to ANALI VILLASENOR annnnnnd ask her for the special message she has FROM ME!!! Annnnnnd everyone give Mar Bear hugs to each other in my absence!!! I LOVE YOU ALL ANNNNND EVERYONE BETTER BE AT WEST COAST CONFERENCE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)