Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is that a???

So last night at Bible College one of the girls that saw me, looked at my outfit, then a little surprised like she was like Ooooo MARY look at you...
your wearing Michael Kors tonight!!!
I'm like HUH?! I'm wearing WHAT??? She is like Michael Kors! Isn't that what the MK on the zipper of your shirt stands for?! I'm like Oh I DON'T KNOW...I didn't even notice that! She is like MARY! Where did you get your shirt from?! I'm like, ummmm...a YARD SALE!!!
She is like, Did you know it was a Michael Kors when you bought it??? I'm like, NO! I honestly like have absolutely NO IDEA...WHO in the world that even is!!! She is like, Oh he is like a REALLY, REALLY EXPENSIVE and famous clothing designer!!! I'm like really? SHe is like YES! Like his smallest and cheapest bottle of perfume is $75! I'm like NO WAY!!!  I had NO IDEA!!! I'm completely clueless about that kind of stuff buuuuuut....WOW! That is sooooo funny!!!
Then someone else asked me, so WHY did you buy the shirt if you didn't know it was a Micheal Kors? I'm like Ummmm...CUZ IT WAS CUUUUUTE!!! I like LOVE the bright HOT PINK color annnnnnd I love the design of the collar and neck, I just thought that it was soooooo snazzzzzzy looking!!!
I was like, in all honesty, I questioned myself at the yard sale cuz I was actually paying $5 for it!!! Everyone starts laughing!!! I'm like heeeeey I'm GHETTO...I don't care about name brands...I just buy stuff off of how it LOOKS!!! I mean really folks, if its cute, its CUTE!!! If its not...I don't care WHAT brand or HOW much you pay for it...ITS NOT!!! (Cough, cough BURBERRY!)
Then I just looked up the prices of Micheal Kors stuff HERE and i'm like DUUUUUDE he IS RIDICULOUSLEY EXPENSIVE!!!  I mean, we're talking like $500 for just simple clothing...I'm just like WOW!!! Why would anyone pay THAT MUCH for something??? Now i'm wonderin if I should try and sell my shirt and make some $$$$$!!! Awwwww buuuuut the shirt really is sooooo cute...I hate to part ways with it...well IF anyone offers me $100 for it...its soooooo SOLD!!!
 Start your bidding below people!!! :D
♥Mary Frances :)