Monday, October 15, 2012

Italian eyes!!!!

Sooooooooo I don't know WHAAAAAAT it is about being ITALIAN, buuuuuut being Italian comes with a certain-EXTRA amount of a pride about your ethnicity!!! ANNNNNND when MY MOM is your gets a lil mention ITALIAN to my mother and you can hear her whoopin and hollerin, cheering away with the tamborine!!! Its like OMW MOTHER...calm down!!! LOLOLOL!!! Nooooo I really LOVE IT...its HILARIOUS!!!
 Soooo really, I don't  know WHAT exactley it is about being ITALIAN that gives Italians sooooooo MUCH pride!!! Maybe its cuz we're THE BEST COOKS EVERRRR...buuuuuuut MY MOM says its cuz THE ITALIANS were THE FIRST GENTILES to get the HOLY GHOST!!! "There was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius, a centurion of the band called the Italian band..."ANNNNNND THAT MY FRIENDS is when it starts gettin cRaZy at church with my momma...LOL!!! Actually...thinkin about it...I'm surprised my mom didn't name any of her sons CORNELIOUS??? Hmmmm...Ooooo when I have kids I should name my son that and surprise my mom...could you imagine??? SHe would totally FLIP OUT!!!
AnywayZ, sooooo this is the thing about being HALF Italian...ALL my life I get to hear about how I don't LOOK ITALIAN!!! Oooo look Irish...Your NOT really Italian!!! Theresa and John are the ITALIAN carmel lookin ones and Me, Joe and Abe are the Vanilla Irish lookin ones!!! I mean it was sooooo extreme differences as a child I even had LIGHT blond hair...People would think me and my brother Joe were adopted!!! LOL! Soooo...I mean I can't lie, even tho I totally like my looks, "Just sayin" cuz thats the way God mad me...YA know?!?! Still..there has always been this part of me that WISHED I looked Italian!!! Cuz Like I said, its been imbredded in me that being ITALIAN(Half) is like the awesomest thing everrrrr!!!
Weeeeeeelllll....Recently, at my brother John's wedding, my mom's second cousin, who is another FULL ITALIAN came out for the wedding!!! As soon as she saw me, she was like MARY!!! I'm your cousin!!! Im like OH HEEEEEY!!! (Hadn't seen her since I was like 12...LOL) THen she is like, YOUR EYES!!! They are soooooo pretty!!! I was like OH THANK YOU!!! (Awwwww sooo sweet)
THen later on she was talking to my sister and she was like OH NOW you LOOK ITALIAN!!! So she was sayin something else to me and I was just like, Oh yeah, I'm really light...I look like my dad's side of the family!!! So she looks at me and she says, OH so your dad has blue eyes like you??? Soooo I was like weeeeeeelllll...NO!!! His eyes are like a grayish color! SHe was like, I KNEW IT!!!!
What she said NEXT thrilled my vanilla lil heart!!! She says, THOSE BLUE eyes are from your GREAT GRANDFATHER!!! (My mom's, Dad's, DAD) Weeeeeelllll...You don't even know HOW MUCH that meant for me to hear!!! She went on to tell me that I had the exact same shade of blue eyes as my great grandfather!!! Which makes sense cuz my uncle and two of his kids have blue eyes too and they are full blooded Italains!!! So yeah...she said I had the same shade of blue eyes as my great-grandfather that migrated over from Italy!!! Its soooo cRaZy when you think about the fact that I've never met this man, buuuuut there is a part of him in me...soooooo COOL!!!  
Break out the tamborine momma!!!
Woot! Woot!!!
Mary Frances :)