Thursday, November 29, 2012

The truth about wanting to get married!!!

"I don't want to get married!!! I don't mind at all being single!!! I'm perfectly content not ever getting married!!!" HA!!! Those were the words out of my mouth after my huge break up ANNNND dropping my wedding dress off at Savers!!! I was sooooo determined to NOT care if I ever got married!!! Buuuuuut it didn't matter WHAT I said or what I tried to tell myself, deep down inside, I KNEW THE TRUTH!!!
I still hoped to one day, find that special someone, fall in love...REAL LOVE, get married and start a family!!! I KNEW thats what I wanted, buuuuuuut NO!!! I tried to fight it!!! I tried to convince myself that it didn't matter! That I really didn't care...BUUUUT I did!!! Ooooo I would get soooo mad annnnnd soooo FRUSTRATED with myself!!! I would think JUST CONTROL your feelings MARY!!! Soooooo yeah, I was constantly fighting myself with this!!!
 THEN one day, I was sitting in Elder Kelly's class at Bible college, he was teaching on the Christian family and ONE think ya gotta know about Bro. Kelly is that, it did NOT matter WHAT the title of his class was, when he teaches it ALWAYS comes back to, PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT!!! PRAYING IN THE HOLY GHOST!!! YOU NEED TO BREAK! ASK GOD FOR A WEEPING SPIRIT!!! I wanna SEE TEARS!!!  YOU NEED TO CRY WHEN YOU PRAY!!! TEARS!!! I WANNA SEE TEARS!!!
Oooo it was AWESOME!!! ANd then Every once in a while, since after all, the class WAS The Christian family, he would throw in a cookin recipe, Your family will LOVE this dish!!AHAHAHA!!! Good times!!! Well one of these classes, in the middle of all my frustration of trying to fight off my hopes of marriage, RIGHT in the middle of that frustration, out of the blue Elder Kelly says, and you young people, don't be ASHAMED of your desire to get married and to start a family and to have children! He said that is a NATURAL desire that comes from God! You don't need to be ashamed or embarrassed of it!!! I was like WOW!!! Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay THEN!!! IF Bro. Kelly said it THEN I KNOW its true!!!

Annnnd really its NOT just Bro. Kelly saying it, its BIBLICAL!!! God is the one that started families!!! We don't have to be ashamed or embarrassed to feel this way!!! Its WEIRD NOT to feel this way!!! I mean it doesn't matter WHO you are, if your a girly-girl, a sporty girl, all the way to buffest, tuffest guy...UNLESS your like that prophet in the Bible(Jeremiah??) that was destined to singleness...MOST likely you want to get married!!! Don't even deny it!!! :P
IF your a Godly person, YOU WILL have Godly desires ANNNND...Marriage is a GODLY desire!!! God is the one that thought of marriage!!! If you ask God to put His desires and his traits and his attributes in you, your going to want what God wants!!! Bro. Kelly REALLY helped me to see this!!! Sooooooooooo OF COURSE...

I've been EMBRACING the desire WHOLE Heartedly ever since!!! ;)

I'm NOT ASHAMED!!! I'm NOT embarrassed, i'm NOT in denial!!!
Not because I'm desperate! Lonely! Weird! Crazy! Physco! Just BECAUSE...
♥Mary Frances :)