Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Moment!!!

Soooooooo I kinda didn't think it through when I was Christmas decoraTing the otheR day annnnnnnd I hung this really AWESOME bright green gaRland from the loweR paRt of the ceiling in our ktichen and then hung ChristmaS ornaments from it!!!
Sooooo it turned out looking rEaLly CUUUUUUTE and festive and I said...I didn't rEally think it through...annnnnnnnnnd being that i'm NOT short annnnnd thaT I have HIGH hair...the ornaments kept brushing the top of my head...LOL!!!
Sooooooooo yesturday I waS rushing out the mall to head to the mall with my niece and I felt one of the ornaments get caught in my hair and I thought I had loosed myself of it, buuuuuut it felt like it had kinda tugged on something on my head....sooooo I checked but my bow waS still in place...soooo i'm just like ok WhATeVER, head out to the van with MJ and we drive off!!! Sooooo we'rE driving through the neighborhood, we stop aT the stop sign right before we'rE about to head out onto 40th street...which is the main street by our house annnnnnd...
Something goes flopping oveR my head and across my face!!! I waS like....
OMW!!! WhaT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!
It was the CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT!!! AHAHAHAhahaha!!!!! Its DEFINATLEY a GOOOOOOOOD thing that it decided to flop OVER MY FACE...BEFORE...I got onto the MAIN STREET!!! LOL MJ was just like, OKAAAAAAAAAY WOW!!!
So it was like really stuck and I couldn't get it out...soooo I had to park the van and MJ came up and untangled it for me!!!

 So she takes it out of my hair and then she just like starts giggling and just totally busts up laughing!!! She is like, I saw that in your hair when we were walking out of the house and I was wondering WHY you had it there!!! I was like okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....YOU ACTUALLY saw it in my hair and didn't say anything to me about it???? I was like WHY didn't you tell me that I had a CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT hanging from my head???
She doesn't say anything she just keeps laughing!!! Soooo I'm like, WHAT you just thought I was being my cRaZy self?!?!? She is like, YES!!! Then she is like still giggling she says she just thought I was being MARY!!! She says, I was thinkin in my head, OKAAAAAAAY this is a MARY MOMENT!!!!
Annnnnnnnnnd this is when you know that you are OFFICIALLY SPECIAL!!! When you have Christmas ornaments hanging from your head and no one bothers to tell you cuz they just think its YOU...being YOU!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I ♥ being ME!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)