Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prayin black!!!

Omw!!! Sooooo Layna, who is 8, jus totally cracked me up yesturday at prayer before the Filipino service! I look up during prayer and see her just wAlkin back and forth with the Bible just wavin on the one side of her face! It just looked soooo cuuuuuute and ETHNIC!!! I like tried to muffle my laughter and just had to take a picture! Then when church was about to start and she came and sat by me I was all like, look at you girl, you were all prayin like a lil black woman!!! She just looks at me, then says, that's because I AM a BLACK woman!!! Ahahaha!!! (Hanna you'll hav to get some, prayin-like-a-black-woman lessons next time your out here!;)