Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm like sooooo BORED!!! Im sittin in the ER waiting for my dad to get admitted into the hospital!!! He can't walk hardly!!! Something like the arteries in his legs closed up and an infection in the bone in his foot! Buuuut I Dnt think it's a huge deal... Like they said if quits smoking the arteries will naturally open right back up... So keep him in your prayers!!!! Anywayz I am soooooo BORED!!! I'm just sitting here in the waiting room and these random men keep saying hi... I'm like okaaaaay!!! Annnnd my mom just keeps laughing and raising her eyebrows at me!!! Lol I'm like, MOOOOOM!!! Annnnd trust me they ain't cute either!!!theyre like in their late 40's!!!! Ewwwww!!! I think one man mighta even been 50!!! Double ewwwww!!! Then my mom like has her back to the TV buuuut she is arguing with it about politics!!! CNN is talking about Obama being the FIRST black president... Annnnnd my mom is like, HALF BLACK!!! He is ONLY HALF BLACK!!! Soooo now my phone only has one bar left... I'm like if this phone dies before I get leave I think that IM GONNA DIE!!!