Friday, March 1, 2013

Classic Mary (at the gas station) Moment!

So the other day I'm driving MJ home from her piano lesson and I stop at QT to get some gas! Now every week I tell MJ that IF she does a good job at piano I will by her a soda on the way home... soooo basically SHE gets one EVERY week...cuz I have NO IDEA if she is or isn't doing good...ahahaha...annnnnnnnnnnd EVEN if I did its NOT like I would tell her, OH you did bad!!! LOL So we go inside, get our soda's, pay for $25 in gas and go back outside. She is talking to me the WHOLE entire time! When we get to the van, we get in, turn on the music and head home! 
Sooooooo I'm driving for about FIVE MINUTES, I'm almost all the way home and I look at the gas thing and notice thats its hardly even moved up at all! I'm like, WOW! Gas must be really expensive these days cuz I don't think its even moved up at ALL!!! I'm just like, I mean, it should have gone up at least a little bit...
THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN as I'm driving, I realize, OMW!!! I KNOW WHY the gas isn't showing that the tank is any fuller...CUZ I FORGOT TO ACTUALLY PUT THE GAS IN THE VAN!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I now go into TOTAL FREAK OUT MODE!!! I whip the van around in a u-turn on the EMPTY street....and drive as QUICKLEY as possible with out causing an accident to the gas station!!! The whole time I am just PRAYING!!! OH GOD please do NOT let anyone else have gone to that pump!!! Thats like A LOT OF MONEY to go to waste!!!
So I pull in annnnnnnnnnd NO ONE Is at my pump! I jump out put the nozzle in my tank and my MONEY starts pumping in!! OMW I was soooooooo HAPPY!!! I just threw my head back in the middle of the gas station and yelled THANK YOU JESUS!!! MJ was like, wow MARY! People are lookin...I was like I soooooooo do NOT even care!!! God saved my gas from my own stupidity and I HAVE to thank him for it! So when I am DONE and I get BACK in the van MJ is like, Ok WHAT HAPPENED??? I'm like well, I paid for the gas BEFORE, buuuuuuuuuuut, I FORGOT to actually, put it in! So Mary Jo just busts up laughing then she just says...Little Brain!!! I was like WHAAAAAAT??? The I just busted up laughing!!! Yes, its me Mar Bear...I'm like Pooh Bear...a bear with a little BRAIN!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! we laughed for like five minutes straight! 

So then we drive the rest of the way home giggling the WHOLE way and we get inside and I see my sister and I'm like, OKAAAAAAAAAY you are sooooooooo NOT EVEN going to believe what I just did!!! Sooooooo I start telling her the story, and BEFORE I can even finish she is like, AND Let me GUESS...You FORGOT to actually put the gas YOU PAID FOR in the van!!! I just stood there with my mouth open...HOW DID YOU KNOW??? She's just like, WOW your dumb!!! LOLOL!!! MJ is like and I told her, LITTLE BRAIN!!! And we all bust up laughing...I'm like WELLL heeeeey...I MAY have forgotten to pump the gas buuuuuuuuuuut...
To take a stack of free napkins when I bought our sodas!!!
cuz YOU NEVER know when you may need one!!! My sister is like, Ok REALLY You and Mary Jo, she brings her extra napkins home from lunch at school, "Here MOM! I got us some extra napkins!!" AHAHAHA!!! Just ANOTHER one of the MANY things you automatically  start doing when you grew up GHETTO!!! LOL!!!! Sooooooo THEN my sis tells me a couple of days later that she was telling this story to my brother John and before she even got half way through he was like, AND let me guess, she FORGOT to pump the gas in the van?!  I 'm like OMW!!! HOW does EVERYONE know the ending to this story about ME before even I DID???
 Annnnnnd MJ is just like, 
Little Brain Mary, LITTLE BRAIN!!!
♥Mary Frances :)