Saturday, March 16, 2013


Sooooooooo I would like to introduce to you all my maganda lil niece...

I had the HONOR and privilege of putting her VERY first hair accessory in her hair!!!
 Okaaaaaaaay I know the flower was a REALLY big buuuuuut it was ALL they had at the gift shop and I like HAD to put SOMETHING in her hair!!! There was NO WAY my lil maganda could go on being in the world for almost ten WHOLE hours already without a hair accessory!!!
I also got her some heart-shaped sunglasses!!!
She is sooooo CHICK!!!


Does ANYONE else see the EXTREME resemblance between these two babies???
The first one is Juliana and the second one is ME!!! I seriousley think she looks like ME!!! Except with dark hair and Asian eyes!!! Awwwww...I'm sooooo HAPPY we look alike!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd this picture below is my absolute FAVORITE!!!
SHE IS SMILING and SNUGGLING and CUDDLING in my fur!!!! This is a total AUNT MAR BEAR MOMENT!!! I looooooove you sooooo much Juliana!!! I hope your really loud and cRaZy just like ME...your dad will just LOOOOOVE THAT!!! Heh, heh!!!
♥Mary Frances :)