Monday, March 4, 2013

Revelation about the body...

Sooooo a couple of Sundays ago Bro. Jimmy was talking about the body of Christ and he was talking about how we're ALL something different and we play different parts in the body! Some of us may be the feet that go, some of us may be the eyes that see, the arms that reach, the mouth that speaks, etc..
Weeeeellllll it got me to thinking, WHAT am I in the body of Christ? Like i'm sitting there thinking, I wonder if there is a GIGGLE in the body of Christ??? HAHA!!! So yesturday in the church van I was asking Jac and Sis. Anna what they thought I was in the body? Sis. Anna said maybe the mouth cuz I'm always talking and making everyone laugh, so Jac says, No, I think your more the heart because you LOVE people! 
I'm like Hmmmmm...Sis Anna says maybe you are the heart and the mouth then cuz you do both, and Jac says, NO, I think your STILL more THE HEART, because you LOVE people MORE than you are funny! I was like AWWWWWW!!! See, besties always KNOW YOU BEST! 
I told them tho, I'll tell you all ONE THING that God has REVEALED to me without a doubt!!! Whateverrrr parts I may have in the body of Christ, 
♥Mary Frances :)