Wednesday, April 3, 2013

That awkward moment WHEN...

When you see your friend has a really, really, really, really waaaaaay cute purse

and you look at the brand on it and see that it's a Valentino AND it sounds vaguely familiar to you and THEN it clicks and you think you remember where you have heard that brand name before annnnd your like...

 OOOOOO HEEEEEEEY you got that purse at JCPennys right?!?! And your friend looks at you kind of surprised, like she thinks your joking buuuuut your sooooo NOT!!! So you friend is like uh noooo... Annnnd your like NOOOO I THINK I SAW IT THERE!!!
It was like $59 bucks annnnnd I really wanted it cuz it's sooooo cuuuute buuuuuuut I told myself noooooo you can't spend that much on  purse and my friend is just looking at me sooooo ODDLY!!! so then I go home and look up Valentino and see thAt it's more expensive then nutberry and your jus like oooooh WOW!!! Oooooops...Yeah AWKWARD!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Next week at church I see my friend and I'm like... soooooooo I looked up Valentino online...and we both just BUST UP LAUGHIN!!! She was like I thought to myself, Mary truley, honestly has NO idea what Valentino is!!! NO I DO NOT!!! BAHAHAHA!!!!
Now I'm NOT saying spending that much on a purse is wrong...I NEVER would...just cuz its not important to me and a waste of money that i would RATHER waste my money on MORE IMPORTANT THINGS... like...  HAIR ACCESSORIES and SUNGLASSES... HAHA...Buuuuuuut heeeeey in defense of Valentino I would like to say, AT LEAST VALENTINO IS WAAAAAAAAY CUTE!!! Burberry is STILL just STRAIGHT UP UGLY!!! (I was thinkin that I hadn't done any Burberry hatin in a while! Heh! Heh!) Its just plain and simple, IF its cute its CUTE...if its not...ITS NOT...See with me I could care less about brand names...its ALLL ABOUT LOOKS!!! (Buuuuuuut thats just IN STUFF PEOPLE!!!;)
♥Mary Frances :)