Monday, April 29, 2013

April Fresh Fire!!!

Okaaaaaay so this past Friday night was such a blast!!! The Brown's church in Avondale did their annual like every three months or so Fresh Fire Youth Rally, buuuuut this time it was something DIFFERENT cuz it was on a campgrounds in the White Tank Mountains area!!! Every time they have these youth rallys I think, okaaaaay I know i'm almost thirty, MAYBE I shouldn't go to these things anymore???
Buuuuut in the end I'm like NOPE, I'll just go and help out by bringing the young teens from my church...PLUS i'm like, buuuuuuuuuut THESE YOUNG PEOPLE ARE MY FRIENDS...and I LUVERRRRS THEM!!! I mean HEEEEEY, I still may be going to these things buuuuuut at least I don't have to beg for rides anymore...I have MY OWN WHEELS NOW!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Annnnnd being the AMAZING driver that I I was like Delora, who just got her about YOU JUST DRVE!!! I mean I'm still kinda REALLY scared of TRAFFIC annnnnnd unknown destinations that I have NEVERRR driven before REALLY scared me!!!
Soooooo we like drove and drove and like DROVE and once we had gotten to White Tanks and paid the parking fee to get in, we kept driving around assuming that we were going the wrong way, we turned around like three times till we went BACK to the pay booth and asked for directions to the youth rally!!! The ladies like, oh no, your going to have to drive around for like three miles...We were like OH WOW!!! We thought FOR SURE we would NEVERRRR find it cuz when driving SLOW three miles seemed like TEN buuuuuut THEN finally we saw our...
I don't know WHY buuuut when I saw it I just couldn't STOP laughing...the AWESOME ghettoness of a magic marker, handwritten sign in the middle of the desert that says FRESH YES...that would be FOR US!!!

We were earlier than everyone waaaaaaaaaaay EARLY!!! It was supposed to start at 6pm...buuuuuuuut when we got there we were told that Glendale wasn't even leaving on their bus from the church till 6:30...Sooooooo THEY WERE LATE!!! Which was an interesting thought BECAUSE I was thinking about the saying I always here around there, "If your ON TIME...YOUR LATE!!!" Soooo AHEM GLENDALE!!! AHAHAHA!!! Just HAD to say that!!! ;)
Oh ANNNNND BTW... I did steal a few pics from SOMEONE'S BLOG!!! ;)
The first thing I did when I got there was hold Becca Sartin's baby girl...awwww soooo HAPPPPY for Becca...her dream and hearts desire of being a MOMMY has FINALLY COME TRUE!!!
. soon as Miriam and Keri got there Shay said she could see it in my eye that I NEEDED to GO SOCIALIZE!!! was soooooooo TRUE!!! MAR BEAR HUGS ALL AROUND!!!

My pretty friends!!! :)
Listening to Selina and Aurora talk on the way over was pretty HILARIOUS too!!! At one point I hear Aurora saying she things she is going to wait til she is like 30 to get married!!! And Selina is like 30??? WHY 30??? THAT IS LIKE SOOOOOOOOO OLD!!! I was like HEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!! They were like WHAT??? Oh... OOOOOOPS!!!

Funny times...Megan making ME laugh!!!
We ACTUALLY had church OUTSIDE!!! like how totally waaaaaaay COOL is that???
Bro. Timmy Brown...tellin us to go get trash...HAHA!!!
Go Jenna! Go Jenna!!! Go JENNA!!! Siiiiiiiing it GIRRRRRL!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooo this is a super funny story...sooooo like I said earlier, Selina and Aurora had me laughing the WHOLE night!!! Sooooooooo before Bro. Alexander preached they had two guys from Bro. Brown's church do Fresh Fire...One guy is a guy named John, annnnnnnnd I couldn't remember his last name when I was trying to tell this story later on, so I asked Selina and Aurora cuz I knew they were friends with him. I'm like, what's John's name, they're like, UH JOHN!!! I'm like nooooooooo I mean his last name! They're like, OH we don't know, he's black sooooooo we just call him BLACK John! I'm like REALLY...WOW!!! BAHAHAHA!!! I'm glad we're all just sooooo politically correct around here...buuuuuuut I'm thinkin he wouldn't even care from what he was jokin in his preachin!(story continued below this pic)
Soooooooooo Black John is preaching, annnnnnd it was a really good sermonette about just living for God and that its the best life etc...well in the middle of his preaching he is talking about how he loves building things with his hands, like doing woodworking and welding and how when he is doing those things it just makes him sooooo HAPPY!!! He says I mean like, my smile gets sooooooo big its like, YOU CAN SEE ME IN THE DARK!!!" Soooo there is like a 5 second pause and the whole congergation just BUSTS UP LAUGHING!!! I mean it was like SUPER FUNNY!!! THEN just when its starting to quiet down after about a minute, you hear SELINA AND AURORA go, OoooooH!!!
Like they finally got the joke and THEY start laughing...which made everyone around them just bust up laughing all over again!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! It was soooooo HILARIOUS!!! Aparently, they actually HAD to have someone like LITERALLY explain the joke to them!!! Those two, I tell ya, Selina is half carmel, half vanilla and Aurora is half carmel, half chocolate....buuuuuuuuuut THE TWO OF THEM TOGETHER IS 210% BLOND!!!!
Bro. Alexander preached a really awesome message about a SURE way NOT to backslide...WHICH summarized is: BY GETTING THE WORD OF GOD IN YOUR HEART!!!

Annnnnnnnnd case you couldn't tell, Miriam Jeffers IS the thumb war CHAMP!!! GOOOOOO GIRRRRRL!!!!
Me and Keri after we had just tricked black John into believing that we were both 30...annnnnd he sooooo did NOT believe us...buuuuuuuuuut the AWESOME part was that I really ALMOST AM!!! HAHA!!!
Me and Valerie...
soooooo LOVE this girl...NEVER forget that PIZZA MOMENT at Bible College!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Like, ummmmmm I don't know whats wrong...grouchy people cuz its valentines week...buuuuuut...HEEEEEEEEY, its SINGLES WEEK ON MY BLOG!!!
Val and Glenn...good friends or something!!! ;)
Keri...she's soooo pretty...annnnnd she'll probably yell at me for postin this pic cuz she HATES even getting her picture taken!!! LOL
Which I don't know WHY she doesn't like gettin her pic taken...REALLY its hard for my mind to comprehend NOT wanting my pic taken!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I guess God Knew there would be TROUBLE if everyone in the world was like...
Megans like Oooo lets do a MIRIAM POSE...
annnnnd I'm just like laughing my head off!!!!

Daniel....he's SINGLE LADIES!!!
Actually, he's been nominated quite a few times as AMM by different girls...Jus sayin LADIES!!! He's a GOOD GUY!!! ;)
Me and Miranda...she is sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

Seriousley...check out her Sr. Pics HERE!!!
Me on the way home...I'm just like relaxing and texting like...keep driving girl, your doing great with that permit!!! AHAHAHA!!! Anyone want me to teach their kids how to drive??? They learn QUICKLEY cuz its like they're ON THEIR OWN!!! AHAHAHA!!!

Okaaaaaay a few more funny things that happened buuuuut I forgot to get pics with these people!!! Sooooo before service I went and was talking to Faith and she was like, Oh this is my friend Val... annnnnnd for SOME reason Val looked sooooooo familiar buuuuuuut I couldn't place WHY...I'm like didn't I meet you at WCC...she's like NO...then Faith was like and this is her brother...SOOORRRRY forgot your name...LOL...I'm like I feel like I've seen you guys before and then he was like actually we read your blog! I'm like...HAHA...OH FOR REALZ??? THey're like YEAH!!! Oh you mean like MARY stalkers FANS??? I already think they're cool...without figuring out who they are... then Faith is like, Adrian is their sister!!! I'm like SISTER??? Don't you mean BROTHER??? Everyone starts laughing cuz Adrian Agurrie was sitting there and he's like NO not me...the OTHER Adrian...I'm like HUH...they're like well she has a blog...I'm like Oooooo MARRIED MY LOVE!!! Everyone's like YEEEEEEES!!! AHAHAHA!!! ANywayz, just wanted to say that i'm glad I met you Val annnnnd brother...forgot name!!! HAHA!!! YOu guys should come hang out with us wheneverrrr...your INVITED to EVERYTHING...if you know what I mean!!! ;) ;) HAHAHAHA!!!
Then during service I turned around for some reason during the first Fresh Fire speaker beacuse something in me felt the ABSOLUTE MUST NEED to show Faith my Bible!!! Its like this lil BIBLE, called the world's smallest Bible annnnnd its THE WHOLE Bible and the WHOLE thing actaully fits in my lil clutch that I carry around all the time!!! Soooooo i'm turned around showing it to Faith, I'm all like, "LOOK! Isn't my Bible like sooooooooo CUTE!!!?!?!" She's like smiling and saying something! I'm just like, I know, I just LOOOOOVE IT!!! She's still like motioning to me and smiling...I just NATURALLY ASSUME she is like complimenting me on something...
I have nooooo idea whaaaat but I'm just Like OH THANK YOU!!! She is still saying SOMETHING to me...i'm like wow she must really like my bible...EEEEEEEEEEEKS!!! I see this HUGE BUG CRAWLING DOWN MY ARM!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuut before I could ACTUALLY scream...SHELBIE ALLISON came to my rescue and did something to destroy the bug!!! Thanks ShelbZ for being sooooo BRAVE...altho I must say, I would NOT have done the same for YOU!!! ;) HAHAHA...LOVE YOU THO!!! Buuuuut yeah that Shelbie...she's soooooooo PREACHER'S WIFE MATERIAL!!! ;) ;) ;)
AnywayZ, this had most of the girl section LAUGHING really hard at this point!!! Faith said afterwards that she kept trying to tell me that it was on my shoulder and as i'm just going on and on about my CUTE BIBLE it crawled down my arm!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! buuuuuuut really you guys, my Bible is like sooooooooo CUUUUUUTE!!! If anyone wants to see it...just let me know!!!
Last funny STORY!!!
K! sooooooo Standing around talking in a group, its ME, Liz Brown, Chelsie Hamilton and Faith...soooooooo I don't know WHAAAAT exactley we were talking about someone says something about leaving comments on my blog, and i'm like oh yeah I actually took the comments OFF my blog! They're like, oh WHY??? I'm like weeeeelll lotsa different reasons buuuuuuut one thing is I was getting all kinds of HATE MAIL COMMENTS!!! They're like whaaaaaaaat REALLY??? I'm like yeah...I hate that kinda stuff dragging me down...I'm like annnnd then I was just getting some WEIRD comments too!!! Im all, like this one time SOMEBODY left me this comment about one of my pics and they were just like, "ARE YOU WEARING LIPSTICK???" Weeeeeeeeelllll the girls all start laughing....buuuuuut then Chelsie goes into like HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER...
she says something to Faith and the two of them are hysterical!!! I'm like OKAAAAAAAAAY whaaaaaaaat is THAT FUNNY??? Soooooooo FINALLY when Chelsie calms herself down enough and says, "THAT WAS ME!!!" I'm like whaaaaaaaaat???? She's like, YES!!! I totally FORGOT to tell you that from like MONTHS AGO!!! She's like I was totally just jokin!!! I'm like WEEEEEELLLL it seemed like sooooooooo SERIOUS in the comment annnnnd i was like sooooooooo OFFENDED by it!!! LIke, WHO WOULD DARE ASK ME THAT!!! Everyone that knows me knows that I would NEVERRR be wearing lipstick!!! I don't even wear lipgloss or CHAPSTICK unless my lips are like...CHAPPED...HAHA!!! AnywayZ, it was SUPER FUNNNNNY!!! That CHELSIE I tell ya...don't let that goody-goody INNOCENT face fool ya...she cRaZy!!! LOOOOOVE HER!!!
ANNNNNNNNNNNNYWAYZZZZ...thats the end of my loooooong blog post on Fresh Fire Youth Rally IN THE MOUNTAINS!!! AZ young people you should all be THANKFUL that people care enough to take the time to plan these things for us!!! THE OLDEST young person going DOES APPRECIATE IT!!! :))) I have A LOT of friends that say they WISH they had these kinds of things to ENJOY and to NOT feel so isolated!!! I hope all my outta state friends...I HOPE you are SATISFIED with this post for those that request me to blog about these events!!! It was a total blast and i'm glad I didn't let a silly thing like my digits HOLD ME BACK FROM HAVIN FUNNNNN!!!
♥Mary Frances :)