Thursday, April 18, 2013


Soooooooo I'm running errands with my mom and we go to the Watermill to get her some purified water...its only .25 cents a gallon, soooooo im just filling all 18 million of her jugs for her...yes it REALLY is THAT many gallons...haha...sooooo i'm done filling all the jugs and I get in the van and i'm like ok mom, lets go! My mom's like did you get everything??? I'm like, Of COURSE I did mom...I NEVER FOR---  EEEEEEKS MOM WAIT!!!
I had left my change purse jus chillin on top of the water spout thingy and discovered it laying there RIGHT AS I was telling my mom that I NEVER FORGET ANYTHING!!! AHAHAHA!!!
I was like OH MAN I don't know whats wrong with me mom...I've been doing really airheaded things lately!!! My mom's like,
OH I just thought you were being MARY!!!
 (I guess its kinda airheaded of me to FORGET that I do airheaded things!!! AHAHAHA!!!)

♥Mary Frances :)