Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MJ was BRAVE!!!

Today MJ was BRAVE!!! So because my niece has PKU, she has to go once a month for blood work to make sure that all her levels are good! Soooooo for the past four years, EVERY MONTH MJ has had to be held down by 3 people to get her blood drawn!!!
TODAY all that changed!!! Today MJ just sat there bravely without crying or flinching ANNNNNNNNNND she just wants all the kids out there know about that!!! Annnnd she just wants to encourage all you kids to be brave also!!! She says you don't need to cry and make a big deal, just sit there and BE BRAVE..
LIKE HER!!! :)
I mean it ONLY took her four years buuuuuut...you kids should accomplish it after just once!!!
♥Mary Frances :)