Sunday, April 21, 2013

One thing I'll never say!!!

I saw this lil saying the other day and when I read I was like AWWWW!!! Then after thinkin about it for another five seconds I like BUSTED up laughing!!!  I was like I'll SOOOO NEVER be saying THAT to my future husband!!! AHAHAHA!!!
IF I did say it, it would have to be something like this... Soooooo I FINALLY get proposed to, just imagine this with me, he is on one knee, holding my hand in his declaring my awesomeness, professing his undying love for me, he can't imagine going the rest of his WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE without ME, Miss Proverbs 31 HERSELF as his wife. THEN he says it, "Mary, will you MARRY ME???  Annnnnd my heart is soooooo touched, I must wipe a way a tear before I respond, then I say, SURE! I would LOVE to marry you!!! THEN I PULL OUT THAT LINE...
I'm like ya know honey,
annnnnnnnd about 20 others!!!
♥Mary Frances :)