Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Am I mean?!?!?!

 Soooooooo my brother John tends to think, I'm MEAN!!! WHY???? Okaaaaaaaaay weeeeeellllll let me back up by giving you a lil history in this post! Sooooooo while Hanna was here we were talking about BROTHER'S annnnnd how when you have BROTHER'S especially more than one, you enquire TOUGH SKIN!!! Now I have THREE BROTHERS, sooooooo yeah I've heard it ALL!!!
Hanna was like, yeah, brother's just feel free to point out EVERY lil imperfection you have, like, your forhead is big and you got zits, etc..I'm like YEAH, my brother talks about my nose, which in MY OPPINION IS PERFECT, but aside from that I'm usually greeted by them with a, hey big momma or a, What up fatty!
Annnnnnnd me and Hanna were talking about how there is NOTHING you can really do about it, cuz if you SHOW that you care, they just do it MORE!!! Annnnnnd if you tattle your then called an adult tattler...soooooooo yeah, you jus suck it up like a big girl annnnnnnnd WAIT for the once in a life time...PERFECT COMEBACK.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll FOR ME...that ONCE IN A LIFETIME, PERFECT COMEBACK came this past Sunday morning. After morning service, John comes over to me and with his usual, typical brotherly greeting he says, "What up FATTY?" annnnnnnnnd without even THINKING ABOUT IT...LIKE SERIOUSLEY...God practically just put the words in my mouth for me...sooooooo he says, "What up FATTY?" Annnnnnnd I automatically respond back with...DRUM ROLL... not much FATTER????

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Is that NOT THE BEST RESPONSE EVERRRR??? Oh annnnnnnnnnnnd you shoulda seen the look on HIS FACE!!! He was soooooo OFFENDED!!! He's like, THATS MEAN!!! I'm like HOW is that MEAN??? He's like, cuz, I was just saying fatty IN GENERAL, like all of us are fatties, but I wasn't calling anyone out and saying that someone was fatter than the other...buuuuuuuuut YOU...YOU DID THAT!!!I'm like, WHATEVERRR!!! Like a TYPICAL LITTLE BROTHER...he can DISH IT OUT, buuuuuuuuuut he sure can't take it back when its SERRRRRRRRRVED!!!
I went around doing a consensis at church to see if they thought I was mean, I'm like okaaaaaaaaay, sooooo MY BROTHER JOHN comes over to and says, "What up Fatty?" Everyone gasps (like thats MEAN...i'm like, yeah, yeah, this is a typical thing in my life) Without batting an eye i'm like, soooooooo I RESPOND BACK WITH, Not much FATTER!!! Annnnnnnnnd everyone I tell this to just BUSTS UP LAUGHING at my response! I'm like, NOW DO YOU THINK THATS MEAN??? annnnnnnnnd EVERYONE, minus HIS WIFE, annnnnnnnnd MY MOM, did NOT think it was mean!!! I think Monae laughed the HARDEST!!!
I just could NOT stop smiling all through out the day... I mean, SERIOUSLEY...SISTERS WAIT A LIFE TIME...for a COMEBACK LIKE THAT!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one Mar Bear...GOOD ONE!!! Purrrrrr!!!
Sooooooooooo I ask you all: DO YOU THINK I"M MEAN???
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"Not much, FATTER!"
Am I MEAN or am I AWESOME???
Till my dying day, i'll talk about this!!! :D
♥Mary Frances :)