Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Just wanna say Happy birthday to HANNA!!!
I was looking through some pics recently and I was like, Oh, these were BEFORE I was friends with Hanna and Anali,  annnnnnnnd it felt weird...cuz the pics wern't from ALL that long ago, buuuuuut its hard to imagine us all NOT being friends!!! How did we become friends??? Sooooo i remember seeing Hanna's pic on Jen Connell's blog, I though Hanna went to the Connells church, I didn't know she was was a pastor's kid herself...LOL!!! For some reason I really wanted to meet her...somehow I knew, without ever reading anything about her that she wasn't just your typical African American, I knew she was like AFRICAN by culture too...I don't know how, I just KNEW...sooooo I really wanted to meet her...soooooooo we could talk about AFRICAN things together...

Sooooooo one year at WCC 2010 I saw her, annnnnnd I sooooooo wanted to go meet her, buuuuuuut, I don't know if i've ever told her this before BUUUUUT... I WAS SCARED!!! Yes, ME...believe it or NOT, my first nature is to be shy...YES REALLY...sooooooo I wanted to go meet her buuuuuuut I was like, Ooooo what if this chick has BLACK GIRL ATTITUDE and doesn't WANT to meet some white chick that is obbsessed with Africans??? I talked myself out of it...Yeah...she'll probabley think i'm cRaZy!!!
Sooooooo THEN in 2011 we met at the youth night of WCC... A group of us girls got our pic together...annnnd SHE WAS REALLY black girl attitude to THE MOMENT...heh,heh, i think that I got her number but I'm not sure, I just remember that when we got back I started leaving her all kinds of comments on her blog asking her about her ethnicity, about being Ethiopian and all kinds of other AFRICAN was just soooo COOL to have a friend that I could talk to about these things, about the African kids and yeah our comments were gettin more and more so we started emailing, LOOOOOOONG EMAILS...then Iming, then text messaging, THEN I remember the first time we talked on the phone, I was like thinkin, is this gonna be AWKWARD??? Buuuuuuuuut NOOOOOO! We started gabbing and NEVERRR shut up annnnnnnnd weeeeeeeelllll THE REST IS HISTORY!!!
We've had some GOOD times together!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd thats just a few of the things I could think of I'm sure there are MANY MORE adventures together IN JULY...your mom's Ethiopian cookin...maybe she can teach it too...hmmmm... annnnnnnnd YES AFRICA after you graduate!!! Hanna randomly texts me other day, lets go to Africa...I'm like OKAAAAAAY LETS GO!!! Theres not many people that are down with going to Africa...HAHAHAHA!!! The plan we were dreaming up IS...first were gonna go to a more worse off I REALLY WANNA GO TO LIBERIA...then ETHIOPIA...Then I was thinkin, what IF i'm married before Hanna graduates??? LOL...THEN I was like OH well, the kind of man I plan on marrying would wanna go TOO...THATS RIGHT....LOL... AnywayZ, thats it...this turned out longer that I thought it would...I think its cuz I'm fallin asleep...when I'm sleepy its like I just go on and on and on...ANYWAYZ...
Hanna, Hanna, my CHOCOLATE COVERED banana!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. I bet my original fear of YOU THINKIN I'm cRaZy is REALITY!!! LOLOLOL!!!