Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Preachers Wife outfit???

Sooooooooo Im NOT bragging buuuuuuuuuut I got sooooooooo many compliments from everyone at my church on my outfit on Sunday!!! Special thanks to Grandma Cleveland for giving it to me for my birthday!!!) Soooooo anywayZ, someone was like, Oooooo MARY, is that your PREACHER'S WIFE OUTFIT??? Without missing a beat I was like, YEAH like...for the...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Get it??? Stripes+Jail=JAIL MINISTRY!!! HAHA!!!! Okaaaaaay if no one else laughed I like TOTALLY just cracked myself up!!! :) Everytime I got a compliment on my outfit for the rest of the day, I was like, THANK YOU!!! Its my JAIL MINISTRY outfit!!!!!!! Hee, hee!!!
 Really tho, black and white stripes always reminds me of jail!!! Like, everyone always thinks that they are sooooo classy...annnnnd I'm just like, JAIL!!!! HAHAHA!!! I guess its a side effect of one of your best friends being an ex-con!!! Oh well...JAIL MIISTRY...here comes MAR BEAR!!! (If its God's will;)
♥Mary Frances :)