Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sooooooo I got a TON of gifts!!! Like WOW!!!!

Clothes galore, Cash, Lotion, perfume, hair accessories, a Coach scarf, hello kitty iPhone cases, target card, pictures, barnes & noble card, itunes card, $80 in Starbucks cards, a work out bag, a keychain from Ethiopia that I put on the zipper of my Bible,
mancure sets, scarves, a flyswatter, a purse from THE HIPPIE CHICK STORE, a really COOL handmade Crayola sign from Christina that has my name on it...LOOOOVE IT...Oooooo a REALLY funny keychain that said, "IF you don't like my driving then stay off the sidewalk!!!" AHAHAHAHA!!!
Funny/Cute pics with sayings, ONe says "Be YOU OWN kind of Beautiful!" Annnnd another one that says, "Everywhere I go, drama follows!!!" AHAHA!!! Soooooo TRUE!!! Cuz one of my friends was talking to me and I was like whats going on in your life, she's like, DRAMA!!! I'm like Ooooooo like GOOD DRAMA??? She is like, MARY! When is DRAMA ever good??? I'm like, WEEEEELLLL when it INVOLVES ME!!!" She's like, OK thats TRUE, but this does NOT involve YOU!!! Cuz Im NOT like a "DRAMA QUEEN" buuuuuut I'm a VERY DRAMATIC in the way I TALK and EXPRESS MYSELF...combined with all my CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS...yes DRAMA does just FOLLOW ME!!! LOLOLOL
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! That made me laugh REALLY hard when I opened them...its an inside joke that ONLY a handful (When I say handful...I have BIG HANDS...ahahaha!;) of friends KNOW the intermost secrets of my heart!!! I guess you could say, Everyone knows ME, buuuuuuuuut NOT everyone REALLY KNOWS ME!!! ;)
THANK YOU EVERYONE...FOR EVERYTHING!!! I can't believe that people from outta state actually sent stuff in for me...AWWWWWWW!!! That was sooooooo THOUGHTFUL!!!! I loved it all soooooo much and feel so special and looooooooooved and BLESSED!!! Once again, thank you all SOOOOOOOOO MUCH for all the gifts!!! THANK YOU!!! :))))
Special thanks to Anali for taking charge of organizing my gifts and cards I opened was gettin a little chaotic and outta control and I was losing track of EVERYTHING!!! I kinda lost track of what was from WHO!!! Sorry peeps...I'm NOT organized!!!
Okaaaaaaaay sooooo I got lotsa nice, funny, cute cards with wonderful things written in them...I loooooooooved them allll buuuuuuuuut...
Hanna's card DEFINATELY beat everyone elses!!!
She won the funniest soooo far this year!!!
 The outside was all sophisticated with this melting chocolate fondue,and it said,
"For your birthday I wanted to get you something dark, rich and delicious"
But the BROTHA ran too fast!!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LAUGHED SOOOOO HARD!!! She said that she got it from the black section at their Hallmark card store, she said she told her brother as soon as she walked into the store that she was going STRAIGHT to that section...I'm like WAIT, you guys have a black section at your Hallmark??? We don't got that in AZ!!!
Previous BIRTHDAY CARD winners...
2010 winner HERE!
Second place for 2011 HERE!!!
First place 2011 HERE!!! 
Annnd I FORGOT to do 2012... I'll never forget when I said Jac had WON with her tall, dark and CHOCOLATE card, my brother John was soooooo DETERMINED to beat JAC!!! AHAHAHA!!! Annnnnnd HE DID!!! HIS CARD I think sooooo far has been my favorite of all time...Sooooooo YES...soooooo far HANNA has won this years birthday card contest buuuuuuuuuuut its NOT to late to join the fun and TRY to BEAT HANNA...there is STILL TWO WHOLE MONTHS TILL MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!!!
♥Mary Frances :)